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Pre-packaged planning permissions for small sites would help SMEs

Reducing planning risk by making decisions more predictable and quicker would benefit SME housebuilders, the House of Lord's built environment committee has concluded.

SCA2.0 Student Releases Housing Crisis Christmas Song You’ll Need A Mortgage To Buy.

Student from the globally awarded School of Communication Arts releases Christmas Song to raise awareness of ‘Hidden Homeless’ Millennials

Bromley is open for business

Grants and business support is available to businesses looking to succeed in the London Borough of Bromley

New laws and code to resolve remaining Covid-19 commercial rent debts

A new Code of Practice published to guide landlords and tenants in how to negotiate a way forward

Innovative property investment firm to revolutionise public housing sector with private equity deal worth hundreds of millions

To be launched under the Convivia umbrella, the new brand has been developed to create parity between the quality of public and private housing

Certain Bridge Scoop Bridging Finance Specialists of the Year in Corporate Livewire Prestige Awards

Principal lender of ultra-fast bridging finance, Certain Bridge, has been awarded ‘Bridging Finance Specialists of the Year’ in the Corporate Livewire Manchester and Northwest Prestige Awards.

Why Valencia is the next big tech hub for digital nomads

While 2020 grounded us all and stopped our aspirations of travel, it also created future opportunities.

Five mistakes for landlords to avoid when letting a property

From lettings law to financial decisions, there are many factors for landlords to consider before welcoming your first tenant(s)

A beginners guide to rent-to-rent

By Stephanie Taylor, co-founder of Rent 2 Rent Success

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