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CMA steps in to give people a better deal on comparison sites

The Competition and Markets Authority gets tough on comparison sites

How to Prevent Misinformation From Damaging Your Business

The Information Age has brought many new concepts into our everyday lives

Advice for B&B owner - 4 Steps to a Positive Online Reputation

The Internet has totally changed the way people in the tourism and hospitality industries communicate.

Net Promoter Score NPS - Pros and cons

Evaluating just how loyal your customers are to you

Independent Brewers say consumers deserve to know who is behind their ‘craft’ beer

The small craft beer producer may now be a brand in the stable of an international brewer

More input

AI levels the playing field for SMEs, by Dean Withey, CEO of ubisend

75% of UK shoppers worried about fake online reviews

Consumers want certainty about who to trust as they increasingly use online reviews

Lightvert - Lights Up the Sky

New Business discusses Lightvert, a digital outdoor media technology company with the founders, Daniel Siden, Stephen Allen and Mike Wellings

Even into Brexit Headwinds, Independent Retail Sees Strong First Quarter, Data Shows

Data from bira shows that across independent retail, more shops were opened than were closed in the first quarter of 2017

Top 10 Tips to Surviving the Feedback Economy by Danny Potter, CEO Ordamo Ltd

What are your customers saying about your restaurant and how to respond in the right way.

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