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Can you buy customer loyalty?

There’s a lot of things you can buy in life, but is customer loyalty one of them? B2B loyalty is somewhat trickier - but we’ll explain how to do it if you click here.

Call tracking: where are your leads coming from?

For most businesses, tracking leads is imperative, as it determines which marketing activity is working

How PR gets cheeky with these festive faces

Every time the festive season begins to draw near, businesses and service providers race to reach the top spot, and be hailed as “the best Christmas campaign”.

Facing the challenges involved in developing a successful wellness strategy for your hotel

Perhaps you, like many, had overlooked wellness and can now see the value – or should I say necessity – of incorporating it into your hotel’s offering

Guest Q/A - Tim Hyde founder of highly successful marketing agency -TWH Media

From a standing start in 2017, Tim has created an award-winning business turning over millions yearly, in less than 5 years

Tips on podcasting for SMEs - by Matt Eastland-Jones of Story Ninety-Four

The rise of the podcast has been nothing short of meteoric for businesses across the UK in the last decade.

Leading click fraud protection firm joins nation’s largest marketing and comms network

Founded in 2005, Pimento was created for clients, brand owners, entrepreneurs and agencies who wish to buy in expertise

How corporate gifting can benefit your business

Corporate gifts may seem like a trivial gesture, but it’s crucial in creating an environment of positivity about, within, and around your business.

How to generate excitement about your company’s upcoming product launch event

If your company is in the business of selling products, you could easily envy Apple’s year-after-year success in shifting iPhone units.

Extreme multi-tasking

For Hannah Haffield multi-tasking means running Make More Noise, a successful PR agency she founded, while tending to the needs of a young family

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