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What have acupuncture, massages and meditations got to do with business?

By Kay Hutchison - founder and CEO of Belle Media and author of My life in 37 Therapies, available from 4 July 2019

Bringing medical cannabis out of the black market in the UK

By Hannah Simon, Chief Operating Officer at European Cannabis Holdings

How businesses can work smarter – not harder

AI is positioned to offer huge efficiency gains for businesses regardless of sector.

UK skills ceiling costing lower skilled employees £11,926 a year & damaging business productivity

UK businesses miss out on pool of untapped talent due to underinvestment in upskilling opportunities for employees.

Will recycling solve the problem of waste products and packaging?

By Aldous Hicks, CEO and Co-founder of ReCircle Recycling Ltd

Top tips to keep calm before a presentation

from The Speaker’s Coach: 60 secrets to make your talk, speech or presentation amazing, by Graham Shaw

The Time to Breathe campaign launches unique App

King’s College London and British Safety Council launch Canairy, the world’s first mobile app for outdoor workers to measure their exposure to air pollution in London

World class

Small business help from the UK’s world class business schools. By Michelle Ovens MBE, chair of the Small Business Charter

The leader’s guide to presenting

Six steps to making you a confident and charismatic presenter. By Tom Bird and Jeremy Cassell

How to Create and Follow a Realistic Business Plan

A business plan is a necessary document to establish what a business is providing and how it will do so

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