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Skills Shortage Costing SMEs £5.5 Billion

94 % of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) report difficulties in hiring workers with the required skills

6 ways to prevent poor shift handovers

Shift handovers may seem like a relatively uneventful and innocuous part of the working day, but in some industries misunderstandings during a shift handover can be extremely costly.

Seven leadership lessons for managers from Gareth Southgate’s transformation of team England’s will to win

The England football team’s World Cup success and has amazed and inspired the country, turning the experience of watching the team from dread to delight.

How to go from national security to cyber security: ex-Commandos provide free training

A new Start up business offers route to Civvy Street for former servicemen and women

How well-meaning businesses can avoid the Greenwashing scourge

By Suranga Herath, CEO of English Tea Shop, winner of the National Business Award for Sustainability in 2017

Making CRM simple

New Business discusses with John Paterson, founder and CEO of Really Simple Systems, a simpler way of controlling your CRM records.

How to be a successful public speaker – even if you are an introvert - by Kay Heald, Toastmasters International

Speaking and presenting at team meeting through to big corporate events is requirement of modern business.

81% of UK marketers feel ready for GDPR, but a concerning number believe their employers may not be

GDPR awareness is at its highest level since 2016 and 81% of marketers feel prepared – although 7% say their employers still have no plan in place

Wrong Audience, Wrong Results, Wrong Personas

How much time has the business spent visualising the potential audience? Creating the different target personas?

Healthy and Safe Workplaces for all Generations

British Safety Council demonstrates its commitment to the world day for safety and health at work campaign

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