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The leader’s guide to presenting

Six steps to making you a confident and charismatic presenter. By Tom Bird and Jeremy Cassell

How to Create and Follow a Realistic Business Plan

A business plan is a necessary document to establish what a business is providing and how it will do so

Fixing the learning dilemma

By Ben Chatfield, CEO and co-founder of Tempo, the end to end hi-tech hiring platform.

Is the restaurant sector struggling with hunger pains?

The dine-at-home market is growing fast and demand for ready-to-eat delivered food has been growing ten times faster than dine-out

Ten of the best, unusual and most effective props

By Vinette Hoffman-Jackson, Toastmasters International

Reduce your small business’s carbon footprint

Here, we take a look at some strategies that even the smallest business can adapt to reduce its carbon footprint

Planning to Fail? Understanding the Global Crisis in Family Business Succession

By Rochelle Clarke author of The Five Critical Succession Conversations

£1.4 million UK Circular Plastics Flagship Projects

Competition launched at inaugural UK Plastics Pact Summit

University to Support Major UN Investment Event

The University of Cumbria is organising an event held as part of a major United Nations conference to consider world investment this month.

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