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University to Support Major UN Investment Event

The University of Cumbria is organising an event held as part of a major United Nations conference to consider world investment this month.

£1.4 million UK Circular Plastics Flagship Projects

Competition launched at inaugural UK Plastics Pact Summit

Beyond the line of sight

Commercial drone experts SenSat give a fascinating insight into this fledgling industry

A world first: UK food industry commits to a landmark Roadmap to halve food waste

Businesses take the lead to drive down UK’s annual £20 billion food waste bill, equivalent to more than £300 per UK citizen

How Talking and Listening Can Save Us from Chaos

by Russell Wardrop, co-founder and Chief Executive of Kissing With Confidence Training.

At a Loss

Business analysts at Plimsoll Publishing have undertaken new analysis which highlights the UK’s worst-performing industries in terms of loss-making companies

Absenteeism: The Silent Killer for Organisations

The most harmful leader is the one you’re not paying attention to.

Skills Shortage Costing SMEs £5.5 Billion

94 % of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) report difficulties in hiring workers with the required skills

6 ways to prevent poor shift handovers

Shift handovers may seem like a relatively uneventful and innocuous part of the working day, but in some industries misunderstandings during a shift handover can be extremely costly.

Seven leadership lessons for managers from Gareth Southgate’s transformation of team England’s will to win

The England football team’s World Cup success and has amazed and inspired the country, turning the experience of watching the team from dread to delight.

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