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Why is Air Conditioning becoming more popular in the UK? The answers to your top questions

Whether you have been living in the UK your entire life or have moved to the country in recent years, you may be very well aware that things are changing climate-wise.

New Ground-Breaking ‘Always-on’ Room Sanitiser System Launched to Help UK Businesses Prevent Transmission of COVID-19

Created by sanitisation experts, PureSan, the room sanitiser system uses innovative atomising technology to continuously eradicate viruses

Hybrid to ‘Tribrid’ flexible working, what does it mean?

Could this be the new “normal” solution for business?

Workplaces switching to digital collections to recognise staff leaving

Fintech Collection Pot has revealed a sharp increase in people collecting for colleagues leaving the workplace.

Active Air Purification Technology proven to inactivate 99.96% of Airborne SARS-CoV-2 Virus

RGF’s active air purification technology is currently the only third-party tested indoor air quality solution that is proven to be 99.96% effective.

Air purification specialists launch new leasing and finance offering to help UK businesses combat COVID-19

A leading HVAC and air purification specialist has launched a new leasing and finance offering to help UK businesses install active technology proven to combat COVID-19.

Benefits of Having a Coffee Machine at the Office

There are certain things that employees expect to find in their offices. A decent coffee machine is definitely one of those things!

First of a kind Virtual Coffee Machine app with social meeting moments to support workforce wellbeing in a remote workplace

Powell Software’s first in a series of wellbeing technology innovations help remote employees socially connect with colleagues and keep the workplace culture alive

British safety council pushes for workplace control response to new COVID variant

British Safety Council calls for Government health campaign urging employers to improve workplace controls to help combat new COVID variant

Powered by purpose

Why purpose is the key to a better future - Sarah Rozenthuler, author of Powered by Purpose: Energise your people to do great work

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