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Supporting mental health at work

Much of your life is spent in the workplace, so it is imperative that employees’ mental health is supported here. Read on for guidance on how to do this:

Why printers are a key tool for banking businesses

Over the past decade, banking has become a truly online business. But with this advance in banking technology comes additional risks.

Work isn’t working for millennial mental health

UK’s biggest ever stress survey reveals mental health generation gap in our workplaces

Detox your bad work habits - by Richard Morris CEO, Regus UK

Many of us spend the majority of our time at work, and even small changes to the daily routine can have a truly beneficial effect on your general wellbeing.

Air aware

The cost of unhealthy air to UK business

How Breaking Guinness World Records Can Boost Your Business

Making a name for a business with the Guinness World Records is a perfect way of generating some effective PR – and leaving your mark.

How to spot a high-functioning alcoholic in your business… and how to help them

By Dr Bunmi Aboaba,a Sobriety Companion, Coach and founder of the Sober Advantage

Lack of time is the single biggest barrier to innovation

So much to do, so little time available!

5 Ways to Make Your Website Ready for GDPR

This May, the Data Protection Act in the UK will be changing to a uniform EU structure known as General Data Protection, or GDPR for short.

OKI Europe Brings its Regional Businesses Together as One Entity

OKI Europe is bringing together its entire Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) sales operation (with the exception of Russia) under one umbrella.

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