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Office Space in Town appoints youngest Director Georgia Sandom as Director of ESG

Appointment coincides with launch of OSiT’s new ESG strategy

Guest Q&A with James Carver, MD at Office Space Cleaning and Facilities Management (OSCFM)

However many days you spend in the office, you need the comfort of knowing the cleanliness and hygiene are top class to keep staff and tenants safe. We discuss with James Carver.

Happier workplaces have higher levels of automation, as employees say robots bring more rewarding work

Employees who had experienced the highest levels of automation were also the happiest and most optimistic about their career prospects

The 4 kinds of workplace bullies and how to spot and stop them

When you are child at school, no doubt you witnessed different types of bullies. The ones who used size and strength to physically abuse anyone perceived as weak.

3 Tips to Maintain Productivity When Working from Home

For many people, working from home offers a more flexible way of getting the job done. However, this flexibility can also be a disadvantage at some point.

UK businesses encouraged to create COVID secure workplaces through HMRC Capital Allowance tax break

UK businesses can now offset 130% of the cost required to create a COVID-secure workplace thanks to HMRC adding active air purification technology to its Capital Tax Allowance list

5 key steps to promote inclusivity in the workplace

The workplace is an important environment that needs to be cultivated in order to support business operations and objectives.

Better Indoors join forces with SMS Environmental to deliver expert air hygiene services

The innovative air purification technology instantly eliminates harmful viruses and bacteria

Temporary Workforce Management Tips

Managing a temporary workforce comes with its own challenges.

IOSH calls for caution around return to workplaces

Employers also need to consider the impact of returning to work on people’s mental health and wellbeing

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