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CloudStratex joins the FinOps Foundation

Established in 2019, CloudStratex is dedicated to the implementation of technologies and practices that allow its clients to achieve operational efficiency, integration, and resilience

Optiseller’s expansion going strong into 2022 with more essential hires in Q1

Scottish e-commerce experts Optiseller have started the year strong, continuing their ambitious growth plans

Tintra PLC closes a further $2 million in funding round

Tintra has secured a subscription for a further $2 million just days after it announced plans to create the world’s first built for purpose Web 3.0 banking platform.

RegTech firm, Tintra PLC, announces world’s first Web 3.0 bank to power metaverse

Fast-growth RegTech business, Tintra PLC, has today provided further information on its route to building the world’s first built for purpose Web 3.0 banking platform.

Helping businesses protect themselves from cybercrime

In recent years, a growing number of businesses have migrated to remote and hybrid working, leaving their data vulnerable to cybercrime

Sekel Tech expands into the UK with its hyperlocal, AI powered platform for brands,

Helping enhance and drive up customer discovery and engagement throughout the customer journey

Free superfast Wi-Fi rolled out to Westminster’s street markets

Free superfast Wi-Fi will be available to visitors shopping at Westminster’s historical street markets, enabling a seamless trading experience for both customers and traders.

Datakeeper launches digital identity wallet to improve customer experience for data sharing

The move to digital identity wallets promises to accelerate the delivery and receipt of services that are secure by personal data

CX management business celebrates success following rebranding

Its recent success in winning multi-year contracts comes as more organisations focus on enhancing the online customer experience

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