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Q4 2017 Akamai State of The Internet / Security Report Shows Botnets Shift Focus to Credential Abuse

DDoS attacks remain steady, though increased scanning from the Mirai Botnet might foreshadow explosive growth

The Importance of Online Presence for New Businesses

Going online is undeniably important for any business nowadays. Failing to use the internet for your business is arguably a fatal mistake

Businesses Face Major Headache Without Clarity on Digital Tax Software

Software houses and HMRC need to identify tax digital (MTD) compliant software packages urgently

Sophisticated cyber threats are biggest technology fear for financial and public sector in 2018

Financial services industry and public sector aligned in concerns about data and system security

Top 3 E-Commerce Trends of 2018

If you’ve been toying with the idea of creating an e-commerce store, now is as good a time as any

What You Need to Know Before You Launch an E-Shop

If your business is not online, you are definitely missing out.

Blockchain Start-up Takes Aim at Black Market Tickets for UK Artists and Concert Goers

Blockchain Technology used to keep ticket prices at issue levels

The future of medical robotics – will robots replace surgeons?

By Jeremy Russell, CEO of surgical robotic experts, OR Productivity.

Will these jobs still exist in 10 years?

Jobs are changing – transforming and disappearing – as AI and robotics become ever more prevalent in our lives.

Should you Focus a New Business Online or High Street

The trend toward online, especially for retailers, has accelerated in 2017.

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