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Managed services provider unveils innovative rebrand following strategic transformation

A leading managed services firm has unveiled its strategic transformation into cloud-first solutions provider, Digital Space, following significant investment in new and advancing technologies.

Which sectors are booming in online retail sales value?

Now that we start to head back outside, the true test will be if these online sectors will retain their value or if people will start looking elsewhere.

Staying connected at home: a new reality for Europeans

Let’s take a look at six ways to ensure you and your family get the best Wi-Fi possible during COVID-19

Thousands of businesses could be hit by major Google update

Businesses across the UK could find their websites disappearing into obscurity as they fall foul of a major Google update planned for roll out from May.

Timico appoints new Strategy and Marketing Director to drive cloud-first agenda

Leading Managed Services Provider, Timico, has appointed a new Strategy and Marketing Director to take the next phase of the firm’s development as a cloud-first service provider to market.

Low code makes app development easy for small businesses

By Malcolm Carroll, director at BlueFinity International

Why Starbucks is a Data Tech Company – Not Just a Coffee Business

Starbucks is one of the most successful retailers of hot and cold drinks in the world, but some of the most valuable business lessons it offers are nothing to do with beverages.

Use this cost-saving strategy to unlock more pricing intelligence this Golden Quarter and beyond

Analysts are predicting that this year’s “Golden Quarter” - the ending sales quarter leading to the New Year - will be unlike any we have ever seen in recent history.

UK Tech sector more risk-averse than US

However UK developers are amongst world’s most productive - coding at a higher rate than counterparts in France and Germany

VenuIQ recognised as ‘Best New Technology Product’ for Events Industry

UK events software provider, VenuIQ, has been crowned ‘Best New Technology Product’ for the events industry by the prestigious Event Technology Awards.

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