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There Can Still be Life After Insolvency for Retail Brands

By Andrew Smith, corporate recovery analyst at Metis Partners

Business in Focus – all you need to know about ADR

From disagreements between landlords and tenants, to missing or damaged items, resolving disputes between business and customers can be a costly and time-consuming process.

Does A Rest Break At Work Have To Be Continuous?

Court Of Appeal Hands Down Decision

A different way of working

The majority of law firms are not known for operating fresh and flexible business models.

Six out of ten customs seizures of fake goods are found in small parcels

63% of all seizures of counterfeit and pirated goods by customs authorities are of small parcel shipments

Around 60% of Britons do not have a will

If you do not have a will in place for when you pass away, you will essentially be leaving your final wishes in the hands of Government intestacy rules.

Defending private prosecutions in business

Private prosecutions are on the rise. Here, Spencer Stephens, MD of law firm Purcell Parker explains the best way to defend a case.

Switching off - by Sarah King of national law firm Excello Law

Should there be a ‘right to disconnect’ for UK employees?

Gay Cake Ruling

Supreme Court in gay cake case rules that bakery did not discriminate when refusing to bake cake captioned "Support Gay Marriage"

The Gender Pay Gap in the Legal Profession

The issue of equal pay has been brought to the light after a government-issued deadline was announced earlier this year

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