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Guest Interview - Loop Legal

New Business discusses with Kyle Torrington, co-founder and Director of Loop Legal, how they intend to change the commercial legal landscape in the UK

Alexander Lyons Solutions increases headcount following success in legal consultancy sector

Founded in 2011 by experienced recruitment consultant, Alex Dick

Helping clients with their digital assets

As our lives turn increasingly more digital - accelerated by the pandemic - so too do our assets.

IP in the Metaverse, how will it actually work?

2021 will be remembered as the year when legal experts and IP specialists noticed the massively explosive virtual work-in-progress known as the Metaverse.

2022 Predicts an increase in Legal Consultants Over traditional law firm jobs

The legal profession is evolving with a predicted increase in legal consultants over the next five years. But why is this happening and is it a good option for you?

Will psychedelics be regulated like cannabis?

By Elliott Rolfe, Head of Psychoactive Medicines Law and Regulatory and Nick Earles, Assistant Solicitor, Regulatory, Psychoactive Medicines and Cannabis at Mackrell Solicitors

Fraud risk created during Covid-19 – Impact of pressure on liquidity

In 2020, it was said that fraud cost the global economy $42bn. It is said cybercrime will reach $6trn of loss

Government to fund initial compensation package for vindicated postmasters

Postmasters who have had their Horizon-related convictions overturned to be offered an interim compensation payment of up to £100,000 each

Ministers seek to stamp out rip-offs with new consumer protections

New powers for the competition regulator will improve enforcement and tackle subscription traps and fake reviews so people can spend with confidence

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