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The Gender Pay Gap in the Legal Profession

The issue of equal pay has been brought to the light after a government-issued deadline was announced earlier this year

5 online legal resources every businessperson should keep an eye on – by Robbie Handy

Every business has to comply with several legal frameworks — including worker’s rights, health and safety, data protection and more.

The EU targets Big Tech

By Anca Thomson solicitor at national law firm - Excello Law

Accidents - Prevention and Management Advice by Your Legal Friend

Any employer should be trying to ensure his staff work safely but if accidents do happen what then?

May Day! May Day! GDPR in force from May 25th

More trust and transparency – how GDPR can transform marketing. By Rachel Aldighieri, MD at the DMA

M Squared Tops the IP League Table Again

Record number of companies enter the IP100 rankings

Common mistakes – How to Make Sure your Product is Really Protected - by Graham Harris MD of Tech-ni-Fold Ltd

As an inventor who has many patents, it’s impossible to stress the importance of patenting your work – or your intellectual property to use industry terminology

How this entrepreneur makes $ 2 million per annum from his sports betting affiliate business!

Paruyr Shahbazyan is a sports betting affiliate marketer who is in the business of sending quality leads to sports betting websites.

New Business talks to Jason Edge of LawEasier, on how they have made low cost legal solutions available to SME's

LawEasier lowers the cost of legal solutions, much needed by the SME community

IP audits – What are they, and why should you have one?

By Christopher Burnett, Chartered and European Patent Attorney, A.A. Thornton & Co.

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