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Business Department and Home Office to open up almost 3,000 Civil Service job roles outside London

Home Office will develop 1950 roles, including to a new Innovation Centre in Stoke-On-Trent, which will accommodate more than 500 roles by 2025

New research shows one in five freelancers are now working a ‘side-hustle’

Research from PeoplePerHour, the freelance jobs marketplace, shows more people have turned to freelancing alongside employee jobs during the pandemic.

The ‘hybrid workplace’ signals virtual recruitment is here to stay says Nicolas Speeckaert from skeeled

Almost three quarters (73%) of UK knowledge workers want a ‘hybrid’ working arrangement, splitting their time between home and the office.

PeoplePerHour partners with Indeez to provide industry-first Covid insurance for Freelancers to protect their income

Two thirds of freelancers have not had support from the Government since the start of the pandemic

20 Degree options available to someone looking to work in healthcare

With the wide range of professions available within the health care industry, you might be wondering which degree you should go for. The following is a list of the top 20 options available for you:

Lesser known traits of a great Chief Technology Officer – By Arif Harbott

The role is probably the least well defined C-suite role and is not well understood by other business leaders. This can be a big issue when trying to hire a new CTO.

Four ways small businesses can recruit experienced professionals

There’s nothing wrong with hiring inexperienced professionals right out of college. Indeed, employees who are new to the workforce often bring lots of energy, enthusiasm, and fresh perspectives to a workplace

Starting a Career in the Finance Industry

Careers in finance can be highly stimulating, fulfilling, and satisfying in today’s dynamic world.

Home Office launches campaign to ready businesses for the new points-based immigration system

The nationwide marketing campaign will run throughout the Autumn

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