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Make Believe Group to add seven performing arts schools to business

The franchised business to reach 42 outlets by September amid ambitious expansion plans for 10 further schools this year

How to define what makes your startup different

Hannah Brice, Managing Director of startup marketing agency Upmarketry, offers some advice for startups and entrepreneurs on making their business different.

Want additional revenue stream? Use custom printing to design your own t shirt

Creating an additional revenue stream is always going to be a goal for many businesses - after all, who is going to turn down the opportunity to earn more money?

Four Drop-ship Myths that aren't true

Drop shipping offers retailers the chance to achieve essential business objectives: expand both product range and customer base.

7 Ways to Advance Your Career as a Small Business Owner

Building a successful small business in the UK rarely occurs overnight.

Key Considerations When Starting a business Online

Many people have dreams and aspirations of being able to work for themselves rather than be a slave to the 9-5 routine for someone else.

What to consider before you open a new office for your business

What to consider before opening your new office

Top 5 tips for a female entrepreneur looking to start up a new business

We all dream of running our own successful business. But for a lot of women it doesn’t feel like it will happen in their lifetime.

Tips You Need to Start Your Home Business

Working from home can be very positive for a business, what are the considerations?

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