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Behind the beard – Father Christmas reveals all

Forget posting letters to the North Pole, Father Christmas spends his downtime, and there is a lot of it, a little closer in Kent.

Building the right mindset - A mental recipe for startup success

By Denise Van Blitterswijk and Charlotte Reypens of Nesta, an innovation foundation, based in the UK who work with partners around the globe to bring bold ideas to life

How to Start Your Yoga Business

The benefits of yoga are many so it’s no wonder why so many people practice it today. Mental health is important in business and everyday life

IPSE research: Over fifties are driving the rise of self-employment

Millions of older workers are joining and benefiting from the freelance sector

Pitfalls of new business - by Jahan Aslam of Fusion Accountants

Thinking about starting a new business is the only easy stage of the business.

The Cremation Jewellery Industry is Booming in the UK. Here’s What You Should Know About It

The fact that cremation jewellery has so much success can be explained by the way it answers to all the needs of the audience when it comes to funeral services.

Juggling your life passion and your full-time job

For most of us, quitting our day jobs to follow our passion seems completely unrealistic.

Birmingham named the best city in the UK to start a business

Know Your Money takes a look at areas in the UK, outside of London, where a start up has a good chance of making it.

The benefits of buying a franchise

Investing in a franchise offers you several advantages over establishing your own startup. We cover five of these benefits.

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