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AA Calls on Fleet Industry to Provide More SME Guidance

Small businesses need more support to stay ahead of coming regulatory and legislative changes

Fleet Hero Finalists Announced

28 Fleets and suppliers short listed for Energy Saving Trust Fleet Hero Awards

Ice Ice - Maybe? - The Experts Give New Business the Lowdown on Winter Gritting Procedures

Mitie Landscapes looks at processes behind keeping roads and paths safe in the winter chill

Local Government Association highlights UK traffic problem

Traffic Jams are costing drivers £1,000 a year according to report by LGA

Defra Air Quality Plan – FairFuel UK comments

Like the curate’s egg there is some good and bad in the Defra Air Quality Plan

Van Drivers Facing 29.5% Insurance Price rises

Price rises accelerate as compensation rules and tax increase hit

BMX mum shortlisted for Skoda “tough mother” competition

The winning mother will receive £1,000 cash and £1,000 spend towards equipment for their specific hobby.

Government Air Pollution Strategy- Diesel Driver persecution

FairFuelUK comments on the harsh treatment of Diesel vehicle drivers

Detroit Electric prepares EV talent recruitment drive in the UK

Detroit Electric, the Electric Vehicle manufacturer, gears up become a major force in EV in UK and Europe

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