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Unlocking the unseen benefits of a robust Driving for Work policy

By: Simon Turner, Campaign Manager, Driving for Better Business

Is your business making the most of safety technology?

By Stuart Thomas, Director of fleet and SME Services at the AA,

Money saving research from the experts in vehicle leasing

Vantage Leasing takes a good look at the vehicles that don’t cost the earth to insure and the professions that benefit from lower premiums.

Is the UK’s electric future grid-locked?

By Matthew Walters, Head of Consultancy and Customer Data Services at LeasePlan UK

A Guide to Driving a Van for Private Use

There are over 4 million vans in the UK, that’s 10% of all licensed vehicles.

Vans: to buy, rent or lease

The efficient and effective movement of goods and people is key to a thriving economy.

Helping you prepare for ULEZ

By Stuart Thomas, director of fleet and SME services at the AA

Electric scooter manufacturer raises €10m to fund UK launch

German automotive specialist invests in ‘Tesla on two wheels’

Can switching to fleet insurance really save you money?

By Doug Kelley, Director of Bluedrop Services

AA: Fleets must safeguard drivers to prevent quarter of fatal accidents

One in eight (13%) UK motorists admit to falling asleep at the wheel

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