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What makes Mercedes everyone’s favourite?

What's the first name comes to your mind when you hear the word luxury in the automotive world - Mercedes Benz.

‘Transport Toolkit’ launched for businesses and fleet operators to address clarity on driving for work during COVID-19 pandemic

New online toolkit meets fleet demand for clarity and support on addressing COVID-19 challenges

The 6 Changes Needed to Inspire the Driverless Car Revolution

It’s no longer the stuff of Sci Fi movies. Driverless cars have arrived – in a big way.

Study shows 53% of company directors are unaware that employees who use a personal car for work are the company’s responsibility

Study of 255 UK company directors highlights grey fleet compliance concerns among UK businesses

AA research puts business in the driving seat for clean air policy

Mainstream electric and alternatively fuelled vehicle adoption will only be achieved if businesses are given clear and consistent policies

One in five UK commercial drivers breaches UK road fatigue laws

New data from Verizon Connect reveals the extent to which commercial drivers in the UK are breaking road traffic safety regulations by failing to take appropriate rest breaks.

Enjoy Premium Service When You Opt In for Luxury Car Hire

The UK is always a busy place with millions of people travelling around on daily basis. Some people go on holidays, others take sightseeing tours, and some take care of their business.

From Korea with Seoul

Kia’s new ProCeed ‘shooting brake’ ticks plenty of boxes. Reviewed on behalf of New Business by automotive specialist, Oliver Hammond

Unlocking the unseen benefits of a robust Driving for Work policy

By: Simon Turner, Campaign Manager, Driving for Better Business

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