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New Business interviews David Darling CBE, legendary global game developer

If you know your computer gaming history, you should be aware of the legacy created by game developers David Darling and his brother Richard.

Guest Q/A - Aby Richter

A successful children's novelist and founder of Wolfe Alexander, a tv and film production company, specialising in innovative content creation for children aged 4-11.

Sadlers - A family business with sustainability at its core for 70 years

Lauren Sadler, Head of Communications and a fourth generation Sadler, discusses with NB how their business has evolved and thrived on the principles of reuse and minimising waste

Maven’s MBO Fund exits Titan Wealth for initial 3x return

Sale to US-based Private Equity firm delivers another profitable realisation for Maven’s Institutional Buyout Fund.

5 key things all CEOs must do for a successful exit

Transitions are inevitable in business, and everyone moves on, but getting it ‘right’ is important

Winners named at glittering 2023 BFA HSBC British Franchise Awards ceremony

The winners have been named at the 2023 BFA HSBC British Franchise Awards.

UK Space Agency Accelerator announces next Accelerator programmes

The highly anticipated forthcoming LEO and GEO accelerator programmes promise to be the most dynamic and diverse yet

Disruptive outsourcing business, Factotum shakes up “old school” cost model amongst UK’s business landscape

Clients include Club Monaco, Taboola, Coco-de-Mer, Future Dreams, Sassoon and numerous businesses in the UK and internationally

Why are some franchises booming despite the economic crisis?

It is a well-documented fact that historically, franchise operations do well during tough economic times

Entrepreneur Insight - Kim Innes, founder of Humble Crumble

Award winning entrepreneur Kim Innes has the satisfaction of watching her business crumble in the best possible way, running the world's first Crumble Bar network

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