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Upsurge in young entrepreneurs starting their own business

Innovate UK’s Young Innovators programme sees 87% increase in applications over last year

Roofing Supply Specialists Celebrate Record Year of Growth Following Digital Marketing Success

A specialist supplier of roofing plastics and construction products has celebrated a record year of growth.

Going Into Business After Rugby

It is no surprise that those who are successful in rugby go on to be successful in business.

Former Just Eat employees develop new digital platform to help fitness trainers launch online businesses

Class-ify, a new digital platform ‘powered by human connection’, has been launched by former Just Eat employees to enable fitness instructors to build their own businesses online.

From redundancy to multi-millionaire

Julie Wagstaff experienced two redundancies and the threat of losing her house before she took control of her future.

Why peer-to-peer business support is growing and how you can get involved.

‘Peer-to-peer support’ networks encourage likeminded business leaders to share brilliant ideas, best practice and learn from one another

Freemasons invited to volunteer for vaccination drive

The Freemasons are encouraging its 200,000 members to roll up their sleeves and volunteer to help vaccinate the population.

Entrepreneur Insight - Sean Toomer - Founder and MD of Diverso Accountants

Diverso accountants are a subscription-based accountancy service supplying advice and support to assist small and microbusinesses save tax and make money

Entrepreneur Insight - Nigel Bridges - Co-founder and CEO of Beacon

Beacon plan and measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns and ROI

Entrepreneur Insight - Joe and Jackie Sopher and their sons Adam and Paul Sopher - Joe & Sephs

Founders of Joe & Seph’s, celebrating 10 years of revolutionising the UK popcorn market, turning over £6 million annually and producing over 50 flavours of gourmet popcorn

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