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Pandemic has improved Employee Engagement levels say employers

Employee engagement levels may have actually improved during the COVID-19 pandemic.

UK Freelancers to earn more in 2021

New Research from PeoplePerHour Suggests Increased Demand for Freelancers in 2021

How technology can help employers manage the mental health of their workforce in the UK’s third lockdown

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis and the latest lockdown may exacerbate the mental issues that many working age people are feeling

Adapting to homeworking

Hundreds of thousands of home networks are being asked to suddenly cope with business level utilisation. How do you crank up the home tech to cope?

Onboarding new recruits in a virtual world

How do you immerse a remote worker within the company culture when they’ve never physically met or been to the office

New Transparent Face Masks Launched to Help See a Smile Again

They enable people to see a smile whilst also ensuring they can better accommodate vulnerable, deaf and hearing-impaired people in the workplace.

How can companies manage a fragmented workforce during this winter of upheaval?

To meet these challenges, employers will need to manage their workforce carefully and may need to adopt new ways of working.

Virtual Christmas parties may leave businesses with an unexpected hangover, warns accountants Mercer & Hole

The office Christmas party, whether loved or loathed, has always attracted a generous tax allowance

Rowlinson urges businesses to ‘do the right thing’ and pay the real Living Wage

COVID-19 is putting unparalleled financial strain on families across the UK

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