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Work for tomorrow

International innovation competition seeking bright new ideas responding to an ageing workforce

Why employee wellbeing is top of the agenda for SMEs

Recent study revealed that one in five employers are concerned about helping staff manage the long-term mental health impact of the pandemic

Government to protect workers’ rights and clamp down on workplace abuse with powerful new body

One-stop shop will improve enforcement and ensure employees and businesses know where to go for help on workers’ rights

How to make job share work.

By Hannah Hall-Turner and Rachel Maguire, co-founders of The Job Share Pair who specialise in coaching and consultancy services in corporate HR

Ditching ageist and ableist stereotypes at work could pay dividends, new report argues

ILC research has found that if countries across the G20 were to enable older workers to work at the same rates as seen in Iceland, this could boost GDP by an average of 7% every year

World Day for Safety and Health at Work

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work promotes the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases globally.

5 reasons to track staff’s COVID testing and vaccination status

By Marta Kalas, co-founder of Thomson Screening

What new businesses need to know about HR software

As a new business, you are most likely open to suggestions regarding demonstrable ways to save time and money whilst increasing the effectiveness of your in-house setup.

Foot-activated doors, avatars and campus style learning zones: What the future office will look like

As companies plan for a post-lockdown world, flexible working is no longer in dispute, but the point and purpose of the office is.

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