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1 in 3 employees would rather take part in a Christmas activity than head to the pub

Not everyone wants to troop down the pub with their colleagues at Christmas

Why SMEs should invest in workplace wellbeing

Tips from Teresa Wighton, UK Group Sales Director at Bupa Global

Business as usual: overcoming the difficulties of running a business during periods of personal difficulty

On Sunday 13th July 2014 I got a call from Kirsty,the wife of my best friend, running buddy and business partner, Nick had died of a sudden heart attack.

Staff benefits – What do they really really want?

Forget the bean bags and the slides; what employees really want is a company-paid health scheme, says Chris Westcott, director, New Business

The art of effective HR

Unlocking business potential in SMEs through people management

Tips to avoid the work-life balance tipping point - By Nick Keith

How do we achieve work-life balance in the technological age?

Free training session to help businesses become Confident with Disability

A free training workshop will give business leaders valuable insights into the benefits of promoting inclusivity within the workplace.

Can you spy on your employees ? – Comment by Penninsula Employment Law Director, Alan Price

Workplace monitoring is a legitimate, legal method that employers can utilise as a way of protecting their staff and business

How well do you know your staff? Top tips for creating the ultimate office culture

The workforce is changing, expectations are on the rise and the standard 9-5 office hours simply don’t cut it any more.

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