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Latest International Trade Features

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UK Government provides highest level of support for exporters in 30 years

UK Export Finance publishes its annual results for 2020-21, which show the government provided record levels of support for UK exports.

Time to ‘Build back better’

By Louis Taylor, chief executive of UK Export Finance

New UK trade committee launches major action plan

Ten-point export blueprint launched to help UK maximise ‘once in a generation’ international trade opportunity

All About Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin has become a revolutionary and sought-after digital currency that has simply taken over the world.

A guide to Bitcoin Cash

Many cryptocurrencies have entered the stream since the launch of Bitcoin back in 2009, however, as time goes on, even more, are coming onto the scene.

Customs Union: First phase of new EU import control system – ICS2 – comes into operation mid March

A major reinforcement of the Customs Union's "first line of defence" of the EU’s external borders

Do you want to buy Bitcoin? Here are some things you should know

Surely you have heard about Bitcoin since it is quickly circulating every social media platform lately and taking over the internet.

Britain’s superstar exporters to ignite the next generation of top international exporters

71% believe businesses trading internationally have more growth opportunities

How to trade successfully in the Forex Market

Forex trading is an exciting career. The global foreign exchange market is one of the largest markets in the world and deals are booked for over 5 trillion US dollars globally every day.

How Brexit is causing problems for Ireland

Did you know that Brexit not only affects the UK, but also has consequences for Ireland?

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