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Why do people travel abroad for cosmetic surgery?

Medical tourism is something that took the world by storm since it offered and still offers some very interesting advantages few people can ignore.

Is Egypt safe to visit right now?

Egypt has always been on the bucket list of travellers due to its famous pyramids, rich culture, and nature.

Governments join sector leaders in backing principles for international code to protect tourists

More than 100 countries, alongside international organizations and leading business groups have agreed to adopt harmonized standards for assisting tourists caught up in emergency situations.

Travel regulations for Tunisia

Tunisia is one of many countries that has introduced a number of additional COVID-19 entry requirements for travellers

Active travel surges during lockdowns as cycling figures increase by 70% in 2020

New report from details major changes to Britain’s travel habits during 2020

Safety first

One thing is certain, Covid-19 has given us plenty to think about and many of us will be scratching our heads as to how we can get our workforce safely on the road again.

Businesses should prepare for a surge in holiday bookings & ensure they have digital systems in place

Over the next few months employers can expect to be inundated with annual leave requests warns Adrian Lewis, Director, Activ Absence,

A Guide to a Better Commute to Work

Commuting is not that great because it tends to be uncomfortable and annoying. But you have the chance of multitasking in your busy life.

Cleared for takeoff

Microsoft and Asobo Studio release an untethered flight simulation experience that promises a chance to explore a completely mapped digital earth, in a time we are unable to venture out in to our own

High Fliers

Bumper year of sport to boost air charter industry in 2021

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