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How to drive post-pandemic business continuity - By Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier, Founder and CEO, iBanFirst

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, the focus now for businesses of all sizes, is being able to pivot and remodel themselves to succeed in a post-pandemic world.

The SMB’s guide to Business Continuity (BC) planning

By Mark Wass, Director, Sungard Availability Services

The “Castle Wall” Approach is Outdated: Managing Third-Party Cyber Risks

Business needs and cybersecurity are seen as being in opposition to one another in a wide range of different scenarios

Getting started with cyber incident management

The NCSC advice on recovering from a cyber incident

Reasons To Buy Cyber 1, 2, 3

For SME’s Cyber insurance is a vital purchase and not just a “sleep easy.” by Marcus Breese Arch Insurance Cyber Class Underwriter

What has Business Continuity ever done for you?

Dr Sandra Bell, Head of Resilience Consulting, Sungard Availability Services

Why cyber security isn’t about tech

By Sarah Adams is cyber risks insurance expert at professional insurance broker PolicyBee.

How Does Cybersecurity Work?

Cybersecurity is defined by Cisco as the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks.

A former hacker’s views and cyber advice for business

By Tayo Dada, cyber security expert and the founder of, the world’s first blockchain powered cyber security solution

Data in, data out

By Robert Dagge, Managing Director, Dynistics.

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