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5 ways to safeguard your business in 2021

Click here to read about the top five ways business owners can ensure their business is protected against strife now, and into the distant future.

Why peer-to-peer business support is growing and how you can get involved.

‘Peer-to-peer support’ networks encourage likeminded business leaders to share brilliant ideas, best practice and learn from one another

It’s raining malware: Understanding and protecting against today’s modern threats

Despite the advancements of anti-malware solutions, malware variants are becoming increasingly prevalent, sophisticated and evolved.

UK’s first cyber incident helpline for SME community to aid Scottish organisations in recovery from attacks

Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) launches UK’s first cyber incident response helpline

Digital lending to drive business continuity

By Béla Vér, Founder and CEO, ApPello

How to drive post-pandemic business continuity - By Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier, Founder and CEO, iBanFirst

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, the focus now for businesses of all sizes, is being able to pivot and remodel themselves to succeed in a post-pandemic world.

The SMB’s guide to Business Continuity (BC) planning

By Mark Wass, Director, Sungard Availability Services

The “Castle Wall” Approach is Outdated: Managing Third-Party Cyber Risks

Business needs and cybersecurity are seen as being in opposition to one another in a wide range of different scenarios

Getting started with cyber incident management

The NCSC advice on recovering from a cyber incident

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