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New Business discusses the Rebel Energy journey with founders Penelope Hope and Dan Bates,

Not before time, the UK energy market is going through a period of great change and much needed disruption

Exciting new energy start-up secures almost £1m in funding

New but experienced entrant in the energy markets attracts heavyweight backing for their virtual PPA marketplace

Rebel Energy prepares for launch with crowdfunding initiative

New socially-driven energy supplier raises 157% of funding target in first seven days

COVID-19 is making organisations ‘Net Zero Ready’ - but few have set concrete milestones

Most organisations' climate mitigation efforts have stayed the same - or even accelerated - under COVID-19, according to research commissioned by the global climate change experts, South Pole.

How your business can navigate the recession on a small budget

The UK finds itself in the throes of a financial crisis, the likes of which it has never seen before, with many industries grinding to a near halt.

New Business talks to Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, marketing and product director at Octopus Energy

The oldguard energy company who had a “cartel” feel about them lost the trust of their customers some time ago but we had no real alternatives. Now we do!

Five businesses and technologies battling the global water crisis

By Lee King founder of Hydro Wind Energy, creators of QuenchSea

Britain ‘can lead the world in hydrogen power’, says new CPS report

CPS report finds significant opportunity for a hydrogen strategy to decarbonise transport network, the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Adapt or die – small oil companies during COVID-19.

By Boris Ivanov, founder of GPB Global Resources B.V.

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