He needs to secure the investment with proven risk management and will also require efficient analytical skills to study and act on beneficial price movements.

After researching and carrying out detailed market analysis, a trader must then focus on the best position sizing, which will secure your trade, with good entry and profitable exit points.

When you are sufficiently knowledgeable to take into account before dealing, every fundamental of the trading process, your business will have much more chance of success from the trades you are executing.

Success isn't guaranteed but if you follow some simple procedures when researching the markets and trading professionally, it has more chance of happening.  

Undisciplined rookie traders can get carried away with excitement when starting to trade and as a result they make mistakes, get frustrated and cause loss making uncontrolled situations.

Beginner traders can become emotional, desperate for profits, trade hastily without sufficient research, while doing their best to compensate for losses, which invariably leads to more of them.

Experienced professional traders, know they cannot get emotional while trading currencies. It only increases the loss potential and damages the chances to have a successful career in Forex.

Instead of becoming angry or desperate, a trader must develop a professional trading mindset and ensure he or she is using efficient risk management techniques and position sizing.

Trading in this fashion, a trader is more likely to increase the value and protect the initial  investment, while clever research will lead to more profit opportunitites in the markets.

Beware of Overtrading

Too frequent trading will invariably cause a trading career to fail quickly, as your trades will almost certainly be rushed, not well thought out, making your capital vulnerable. The chances are your risk management will also be poorly handled due to haste and excitement to make money.

Moreover, your market research will be sloppy even non-existent and as a result, you will almost certainly lose money from the trades. Plus, inefficient capital management and market analysis will compound the losses further, so overtrading is definitely to be avoided at all costs. Take the time to carry out all aspects of trading calmly and efficiently and be sure to understand the market sentiments before trading.

If a trader can refrain from trading emotionally before entering his chosen market, his investment will be a lot less likely to incur losses.

That's because he will not place an order under any condition, only when all influences in the market have been professionally evaluated and positions for entry and exit have been established.

Then trades can be executed with confidence, with stop-loss and take-profit parameters set. To get in and out of your trades at the required levels, highly important in fast moving Forex markets, do not forget to trade with top brokers like Saxo who can carry out your instructions whatever the market conditions maybe. Without a good broker onboard you will never be able to optimise your trading strategies and can easily miss market movements, which they will carry out on your behalf.

Managing the risk setup for each trade

To secure your trading business and protect your capital investment, you will need efficient policies that will dictate not just how you trade but how you run your entire business.

Take risk management, which covers the way in which you operate as a whole and the process behind each and every deal you book. So if one or two deals lose money it won't be a huge percentage of the available capital and cause you to stop trading.

You will need this process to secure your investment to meet and hopefully exceed your profit target. With good risk management techniques, a Forex business will be on a secure footing and anticipate a profitable future for the trader. With experience, research, good money management and risk management processes, they will not need to try and make a fortune on each deal but instead they will embrace the idea of operating under the safest investment policy. As a result, every trader can trade with a safe-size deal amount, relating to his capital, daily trading limits, leverage ratio and achievable profit target.

When a trader thinks efficiently, even though markets are moving quickly, he will have a calmer and more professional outcome in his trading. That's because he has thought about the markets, the individual trade, his investment, the execution process and ultimately, his career remains intact from any potential individual and limited loss.

Establishing a way of executing trades

If you plan a systematic trading approach and conduct money management efficiently at all times, your business will succeed. Your investment per trade will diminish as your profits become more predictable, with no wild swings that amateur traders experience. And it will give you a viable profit target to achieve, using your growing experience and analytical skills.

Last but not least, you will execute a trade with the optimum position sizing for your market and capital. If a trader can create the best system of trading, he will experience less stress and as a result, his brain will think efficiently and not be prone to panic. With productive measurements of the trades executed, he will find decent profit potentials for future trading that will be consistent for him when he follows the system continuously.