Eureka moment
The Eureka moment landed on our laps over a sunny breakfast in LA. We were sat dreading the thought of spending time on our finances the moment we got home, wondering why there wasn't wasn't an easy, enjoyable way for self-employed people to create and send invoices from their phones.

As freelancers who lived and worked away a lot, we knew full-well the hassle that comes with sorting invoices and managing money on-the-go. With a background in designing and building super-simple mobile apps for companies like The BBC and Natwest, we built a prototype on the flight home. We showed friends, who loved Albert's Instagram-like feel and auto company look-up feature, telling us they wanted the app ‘yesterday'.

So naturally we took the plunge. We left the projects we were working on at the time, and focused full-time on Albert. Several thousand Albert users (and a few grey hairs) later and here we are...

We've received some great support, along with the backing of some of London's top financial tech entrepreneurs. It put us in a position to graduate from Telefonica's business accelerator in 2015, win Accenture's Fintech Innovation Lab Programme earlier this year, and make the final of the UK's Best Fintech Investment.

I think we can honestly say that we don't have any. Sure, startup life has its challenges, but we're really excited about evolving the product and taking Albert to the next level.