Eureka moment
After my Granny died, her supply of bar soaps started to dwindle. I was shocked how hard it was to buy natural bar soap in the UK. After failed attempts at making it myself and trying average bars bought from holidays and markets, I picked up a bar at a village fete. Using it in the shower that evening was the eureka moment - it was better than anything I'd ever used! It was then I decided natural, organic soap should be accessible to all - both in terms of price and availability - so I found the recipe and started Little Soap Company.


Little Soap Company has evolved at an even pace, meaning it has financed itself, without the need for external loans. Regional supermarket contracts came first, which led to national supermarket contracts, which allowed capital to accumulate, thereby funding the next order or new product development.

I regret not taking enough time out in the first few years; I worked 100-hour weeks with no social life or ‘switch off' holidays - I lived and breathed the business.

I was also guilty of not initially taking the time to enjoy the smaller wins and company milestones along the way.

What would you have changed?

I would get a team around me faster.
For the first two years I tried to do everything on my own. I was running myself ragged without realising that I could have afforded a team to help, the business could have grown a lot quicker had I bitten the bullet.