Eureka moment

I had used my training as a raw chef and nutritionist to cure my son of eczema and asthma, something I was told wouldn't be possible. Around the same time, my best friend came to me, moaning about her weight. I wrote up a list for her to follow and within weeks she had lost a substantial amount of excess weight. It was then that it clicked; ‘hang on, people would pay for these types of services'. The rest is history.


When I launched Nosh Detox, I only had £2k to work with. I had to work from home just to keep the costs down and it was purely sales that got the wheels rolling. I then received a small investment from a client and friend. When I wanted to launch our wholesale arm in 2012 and supply supermarkets, my investment rounds resulted in a further two investors.  I also set up my own crowd funding platform using CRM.


In the decade leading up to Nosh Detox's launch, I had endured several setbacks both personally and professionally, and the biggest challenge coming from that has been in believing in myself and my decisions, especially when they go against perceived wisdom. However, every path I have taken has been my choice, and I don't regret them. I believe everything happens for a reason.

What would you have changed?

I sometimes wish that things would've been easier for my kids as they've really faced a lot of upheaval. Apart from that I wouldn't change a thing.