Eureka Moment

 My dad set up his own business but had no idea how to get customers, he thought they would just come to him. So, I managed all the marketing and promoting of the business and my dad was soon booked up! Over the years friends and family would say ‘I'm setting up a business can you help me,' Then the Eureka moment came! There must be other small business owners who struggle with marketing. So, I created the little marketing company to help small businesses gain confidence and control of their marketing.


The business was funded through savings, I saved money from my previous employed job to create the website, branding/logo & marketing materials. Working in marketing I knew how important branding was and I wanted to get this right from the start. The money I made from the business was reinvested back into the business to ensure we saw growth.


Although starting the business with a baby was tough and is challenging work. I   have no regrets; I love what I do.

What would you have changed?

Self-care although easier said than done, it wasn't until lockdown that I realised the importance of taking time out. Everything was clearer, I was able to focus and truly be in the moment.

My advice to new business owners would be, make sure you have processes in place for when you expand, don't wait until you get staff.

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