Eureka moment

The lack of truly natural, great tasting food for babies when my daughter was born encouraged me to shun jars of baby food and make my own. I've always felt it was important to introduce children

from the outset to become accustomed to the authentic taste of foods in its natural state. I used to run a coffee shop at the time opposite a school, where I witnessed daily battles between what the children wanted as a snack and what parents wanted them to have. This was at a time where flapjacks were considered to be the healthiest snacks around! I then came across some freeze dried apple pieces in the ingredients aisle of a supermarket. I didn't like the artificial taste but loved the idea of it being crunchy. An image of a parent and child in my coffee shop having a tug of war type battle between fruit and crisps was the eureka moment - what if we could marry what children want to eat with what parents want them to eat - fruit and crisps.


Initially self-financed, then got an investor on board, then sold my home to invest in our own production factory, then bank loan and interest free loan from Kent Council.


At several pivotal moments in the history of the business I trusted the advice of ‘professionals', over my own instincts and knowledge of my business and products. This has meant that at times progress was slower than it should have been.

What would you have changed?

To trust my instincts more!