Eureka moment?

During my time serving in the military, I witnessed the exploitation of the online world by criminal groups who funded larger criminal activity such as terrorism. I saw how human warfare had evolved from the physical space to the online space, leaving everyone from nation-states to individual businesses on the front line of attack.

While working at a boutique counter-threat firm after leaving public service, I was struck by the discrepancy between online security threats and how organisations reacted to them. I noticed most data breaches were caused by social engineering or human error and yet few organisations, if any, were genuinely addressing the human aspect of cyber security.

Existing approaches lacked an understanding of how to foster behaviour change and there was no understanding of the need to develop a cyber security culture. I became determined to change this - and that's how CybSafe began.


We've been fortunate that our mission and growth has attracted support and investment and so far we've raised £10m. We closed a Series A round at the beginning of this year led by IQ Capital.


No, no regrets. Certainly some things I'd do differently but I'm a firm believer that mistakes and failures are an important part of any growth journey.

What would you have changed?

There are some hires I'd make in a different order and I would have been a bit more discerning and said "no" to more things at the start. It's important to say "no" to the things that distract and don't align with the mission.

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