Eureka Moment

Twenty years ago I started my career in the music industry, and some vocal coaches we knew were looking for a suitable place to bring their clients. Converting a small disused office in our recording studio facilities, and the payment we received in return, covered our monthly expenses for the whole floor. Word spread and we received similar enquiries. My brother Oren and I quickly realised we could make a profitable business. Canvas Offices was born! 


Canvas Offices was started with just 17K, which in London doesn't get you very far property wise. We started looking in trendy Shoreditch and had to negotiate hard to secure our first building. Now we are fortunate to have evolved a model that is both sustainable and profitable, so we can expand through revenue alone if required.

I wish I'd learnt sooner not to be distracted by the daily minutia of running a business. If you want to run a business successfully you must be focussed on the big picture and have a team of great people who you trust to help you realise it. 

What would you have changed?

From the beginning I knew we had a great idea and the potential to scale rapidly, but to do so, we would have to secure external investment, and looking back, I wish we'd done so sooner. We're now working with ThinCats, SME lending specialists, who've provided us with the money to ensure we fulfil our potential as a business, as well as providing us with great advice.

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