Two smooth characters, Luke and Alex, have pioneered a revolutionary way to create nutritious smoothies in seconds with their original award winning Frozen Protein Smoothie Kits. PACK'D

Eureka moment

My eureka moment for PACK'D happened when I was working full-time and playing football on the side. I wanted natural, targeted nutrition to fuel my performance at work and in sport - the current options weren't up to scratch. I did my research and there was a clear gap for nutritious homemade food and drink, so I teamed up with my school friend Alex to bring PACK'D to life.


We started as a market stall with support from The Prince's Trust. I lived in a shed for two years, and we spent nine months developing our first recipes. We bought our Smoothie Kits to life with a loan from Virgin StartUp and secured our first listing with Eat17, the shop opposite our market pitch. Then the hard work started to pay off; we pioneered Smoothie Kits in over 1500 stores, secured investment from industry experts and we grew and grew and grew. Now we are crowdfunding to take PACK'D to the next level, to grow our community and give more people the chance to own shares in the business. 


We don't believe in regrets here at PACK'D, only learning opportunities for us as individuals, the team and our brand as whole.

What would you have changed?

Through the recent involvement of mentors, we have learnt just how important strategic advice can be for charting the path ahead and seizing opportunities effectively. This could have saved us a great deal of time in the early days and we are now surrounding ourselves with the best support possible

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