Last month, we reported on the rising costs of funerals in the UK which are sending our burials soaring to as much as £4,000 per funeral. This rise of 12% practically year-on-year has opened doors for entrepreneurs looking to offer more creative and bespoke funeral experiences.

Poppy Mardall of Poppy's Funerals told The Guardian that "funerals have become a conveyor-belt experience, with large funeral companies industrialising the process of caring for people's bodies." 

Alternative funeral ceremonies

Britons are slowly moving away from funerals where a traditional wooden coffin arrives in a traditional black hearse. Other alternatives have seen the bereaved arrive on barges, motorbikes, bicycles and VW campervans - something that reflects the individual's interests or the family's needs.

In terms of coffins, there is a lot of innovation to make the burial more ecological with materials including bamboo, pineapple leaves and fungal spores which decompose into the ground. Elsewhere, there is movement away from the dark and sombre wooden coffins to more bright and colourful coffins which even sport the English flag. 

Another development has been the emergence of the 'death cafe', gatherings which are held in different locations every week, with over 5,000 set up so far across the country. If you wandered over to the death cafe that has been arranged today in Croydon, you will meet like-minded people, drinking tea, eating cake and discussing death. The aim of the Death Cafe is to 'increase awareness of death to help people make the most of their (finite) lives.'