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Nothing To Wear allows you to rent high-end and designer outfits and accessories for a fraction of the price, delivered straight to your front door.

About the Founder

Cyrine Allani Joaristi was born in Madrid to a French mother and a Tunisian father. She spent 28-years in Paris, working for the likes of Jacques Fath and Christian Dior where she found her true love for fashion. Later, Cyrine took her fashion career to New York City. Here, she became one of the first "Rent a Runway" customers, from which she took inspiration to start her own business.

With such a passion of fashion comes an impressive and over-spilling, designer wardrobe. As a self-proclaimed "one-time wearer" of her luxury items, a gap in the market for Nothing To Wear to fill became apparent.

Cyrine stated that "I realised that the thrill resided in wearing something for the first time, whether it was new, borrowed or vintage. The excitement came from the new experience, not the newness of the outfit."

About the business

"I have nothing to wear" - It is an all too frequently uttered sentence by the best of us. Nothing To Wear is here to help with your wardrobe worries. The rent-a-dress service allows you to put together the perfect outfit without having to commit to a steep price tag and an extra item to squash into your wardrobe.

Nothing To Wear is home to a wide range luxury items, from clothing and accessories to bags and shoes, for 15% of the retail price. Their items are available in a number of styles and sizes, and you can specify the length of the renting period.

The way it works is, after you place your order and agree on a lease period, Nothing To Wear promise to deliver your freshly dry-cleaned items to your door. Once the agreed period is up, the items will be picked up free of charge.

The company always recycles couture rather than buying it new, earning them their reputation as being an eco-friendly company.