, a rapidly expanding, organic T-shirt wholesale supplier reveals why it owes its recent success to a commitment to values. The Isle of Wight manufacturer has filled a gap in the market for big businesses who care about sustainability but don't have the means to source and produce sustainable branded merchandise / promowear for staff and events. They attribute their growth to being a social enterprise and not compromising on values.

Why they grow faster

UK social enterprises offer meaningful employment in areas where other businesses have migrated. Employees are more enthused and buyers more attracted towards a supplier that puts values first. sourced more than 3/4 of their salaried executives from their local apprenticeship scheme and the business has doubled each year.

"Purpose-driven businesses attract the most committed applicants" says James Gray of "We're stoked that the promowear, workwear and uniforms of some of the UK's biggest brands were manufactured using significantly reduced carbon but also by people who really care".

Why they last longer

Social enterprises are 20% more likely to be trading after 5 years than strictly-for-profit businesses because of a commitment to values. Choosing to print only sustainable, organic T-shirts does not hinder profits in the long term, but directly correlates with steady growth, fortifies trust among consumers and creates a powerful story.

"We identified with a single concept and stuck with it: Create low-hanging fruit for big corporations and help them make a difference through sustainability" says Gray "We're proud of the positive changes we've helped other businesses achieve and are keen to continue to focus on issues that matter beyond profit".

There are around 70,000 social enterprises in the UK contributing to worthwhile causes. Hopefully in the future more UK start-ups will recognise that a values-based business plan is the surest route to long term, steady growth and a lasting company legacy.

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