As new YouGov research commissioned by Aquarium Software, reveals that 17 percent of Brits now rely on travel insurance via their packaged bank account, the travel insurance software specialist is warning consumers to check such cover does in fact meet their needs, or risk an unwelcome surprise, should disaster strike abroad. Packaged bank accounts, where a monthly fee is paid in return for a raft of benefits including things like breakdown cover and travel insurance, have become popular - but with many consumers relying on them for annual travel cover, including a quarter of married people (24 percent), you must be sure the perceived perks provide appropriate cover.

"These findings ring alarm bells, as a fifth of over 55s, for example, have travel insurance via a packaged account," said Aquarium Director, Mark Colonnese. "Some packaged travel policies do not cover pre-existing medical conditions; knock-on losses; specific sports and activities; or travel to particular countries and continents; plus a host of other things defined in the small print," said Mark. "It's crucial to check the ts and cs to understand what cover the policy offers, rather than simply think you are fully covered - you are probably not. And that might prove a nasty and very costly shock, later," added Mark.

Travel insurance apps can put an end to such grey areas, by putting details at consumers' fingertips and building trust between consumer and insurer by making difficult to access small print a thing of the past. Rather than wade though pages of documents, consumers can search exclusions and easily check if the level of cover they have is suitable. From the insurer's perspective, claims can be validated quickly and in real time, reducing the risk of bogus claims. "Burying exclusions in the small print risks reputational damage and is not necessary todayand we are working with several major insurers to improve the transparency and clarity for the customer," said Colonnese. "The latest research suggests the older generation are particularly exposed to exclusions when it comes to packaged bank account travel insurance. Given the price of an air ambulance home or medical treatment abroad, people of all ages would be wise to review their packaged bank account small print before travelling, and if necessary seek alternative cover," concluded Colonnese.

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