MOU of Strategic Cooperation signing ceremony between Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Commerce and China-Britain Business Council

Representatives from various sectors in China and the UK gathered to discuss cooperative opportunities and witness the signing of multiple significant projects. Concurrently, the exhibition themed "Encounter Wuxi" was inaugurated in London, running for a duration of five days.

In her address, Bao Ling, Minister Counsellor of the Chinese embassy in the UK highlighted the complementary economic strengths of China and the UK, emphasizing that deepening collaboration aligns with the fundamental interests of both nations. Bao Ling underscored Wuxi's significance as a pivotal city within the Yangtze River Delta urban cluster, hosting over 7,200 foreign-funded enterprises and attracting more than 110 Fortune 500 companies. She noted Wuxi's advantages in high-end manufacturing and new energy equipment sectors, along with extensive opportunities for cooperation with the UK in financial services and technological innovation, positing that the deepening partnership will undoubtedly inject new impetus into Sino-UK economic development.

Academician Martin Albrow, Fellow of the British Academy of Social Sciences, extended a warm welcome to the Wuxi delegation. He stated that the delegation is dedicated to shaping Wuxi as a "window to the world" and establishing its unique position within the global landscape, expressing his excitement about this prospect. He firmly believed that open-mindedness and inclusivity would serve as powerful catalysts for Wuxi's development, enabling its integration into the global society and making a significant contribution to the community of human destiny.

Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, Chairman of the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC), mentioned that the CBBC, with a history spanning 70 years, has continually played the role of a commercial representative and business enabler in Sino-UK interactions. He expressed his conviction that British enterprises need to focus on frontiers rich with opportunities, and Wuxi's strategic location places it at the forefront of China's openness to international trade and investment partners.

During the interactive sharing session, representatives from academia and the business sector alike praised Wuxi for providing a fair market, a favorable business environment, and a government with a strong service orientation. These attributes, they noted, allow enterprises to thrive and deepen their roots without concerns. In the current global push towards carbon neutrality, Wuxi is seizing the moment to actively encourage and support businesses involved in green technology and industries, propelling the city to the forefront of green industry development and facilitating significant growth for related enterprises based in Wuxi.

Dr. Stelvia Matos, a distinguished expert from the University of Surrey, shared the "Wuxi Investment Environment Report from an International Perspective." The report delved into Wuxi's development advantages, examining aspects such as canal resources, ecological environment, historical heritage, information technology industrial base, and new energy development.

Jo Feng, Senior Vice President of International Commercial Department of AstraZeneca introduced AstraZeneca's operations in Wuxi. She highlighted their comprehensive industry chain, covering research and development, production, logistics, innovation, capital, and talent cultivation. Jo Feng underscored the collaboration between AstraZeneca and Wuxi in establishing the Wuxi International Life Sciences Innovation Park in partnership with the Wuxi Municipal Government and the Xinwu District Government in 2019. This initiative attracted over 50 innovative enterprises in the life sciences sector from home and abroad. In 2022, AstraZeneca collaborated with academician Ning Guang to establish the Metabolic Disease Industrial Park (M·Campus), focusing on metabolic disease diagnosis and treatment, forming a core innovation cluster.

Katie Lee, Senior Adviser of China HSBC, highlighted the Wuxi government's support for green development and low-carbon transformation. She emphasized that carbon neutrality is a crucial focus for HSBC Group, and Wuxi's determination to achieve zero carbon emissions resonates well with this direction.

Mr. Zheng Dongshan, Special Assistant of International Affairs at Vision Technology Group, a leading global new energy systems technology enterprise, shed light on how Vision leverages its strengths to collaborate with the UK, offering transformative solutions for power resource conversion.

The conference also witnessed the culmination of numerous strategic cooperation agreements and project signings.

The conference received strong support from the China-Britain Business Council, the British Academy of Social Sciences, AstraZeneca, and Bank of China London. Distinguished guests including Professor Du Kexin, Director of the Confucius Institute at University College London, and Fang Wenjian, Head of the China Bank's London Branch, attended the event.