Slightly different to all of this is Bitcoin Cash, a result of the longstanding debate between experienced Bitcoin miners and the developers of blockchain, who have a form of rivalry.

When Bitcoin was launched in 2009 by an anonymous figure known as Satoshi Nakamoto, investors and traders became absolutely obsessed with this digital form of currency, because who doesn't love money, new technology and trends? Satoshi Nakamoto also decided on the size of the blocks that hold information based on the transactions that would be securely stored in these blocks.

Once the block was completely filled, miners process it and then earn either Bitcoins or fiat currencies for their efforts. This is the main reason that Bitcoin Cash was born, it fixed many, many problems within the industry and made them so much easier to deal with. Bitcoin Cash has proven to be a favourite among crypto players, is well, loved and is being adopted globally.

How does it differ?

There really is only one big difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, and that is the block size. Aside from that, there really aren't any other huge differences that you need to be aware of. For example, a Bitcoin block can contain around 2,500 transactions and the first blocks of Bitcoin actually processed around 7,000 transactions without ever maxing out the eight-MB per block capacity limit.

One large similarity between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, is that they both run off of the exact same technology, however, they also deal with different environments. Bitcoin has made a huge impact and already has an entire world of support surrounding it. Bitcoin Cash however has started from scratch and has to build up investor support, a fairly difficult feat that many people don't see as being possible.

There are many, popular forms of digital currency available and some are certainly industry leaders There are also several supporting acts in the Bitcoin world such as Algo Affiliates who help to facilitate Crypto business between interested parties.

Could more spin-offs occur?

Absolutely! On one hand, they could simply appear through market circumstances at the time, and on the other, they are actually being planned. Though Bitcoin Cash has been a prominent crypto, many other people are still wanting to create the newest and best crypto currency possible. There will no doubt be plenty of new spin-offs to the crypto  markets on their way now and in the future.

With the cryptocurrency world being so large and capturing the imagination of existing traders and new investors, there will always be new add-ons and spin-offs being created that will impact on the existing and future global crypto currency markets. These days, everyone is looking to find the next thing.