Which provides clients with competitive prices on both emerging markets and major traded currencies.

Crown Agents are a vital partner for many Commonwealth markets in Africa, the Caribbean, South America and other developing markets across the globe.

Innovations like EMpowerFX are vital if the Commonwealth is to meet its aspiration to further financial inclusion across members states. With recent financial regulations negatively affecting many countries through the de-risking actions of many global banks and the decline of correspondent banking services, the challenges of currency conversion and paying into and out of many developing countries is a key area of focus for Crown Agents.

Chris Wilgoss, Crown Agents Bank Treasurer, points out that many organisations "may be reliant on the bank's proven ability to provide competitive pricing and to deliver a diverse range of hard-to-find and often illiquid currencies".

"We are at home working across some of the smallest and often fragile States.  We help connect developing market Central Banks and selected local commercial banks to USD, GBP, EUR or other developed markets.  On the flip side, we act as an FX payment provider for Official Development Agencies and large NGOs paying into emerging markets. Increasingly, we are the outsource FX and payment provider for other commercial Banks in OECD markets, making payments on behalf of their clients to beneficiaries in developing markets. Reliable delivery of payments at competitive FX rates is our goal. Our history of operating across many of the smallest developing nations dating back more than 100 years gives us a unique edge. We can provide the crucial access other banks may struggle with".

CWEIC Chief Executive Richard Burge said "CWEIC is delighted to see the launch of this new digital platform which will make access to Crown Agents' vital FX service easier than ever before. They have a particularly important role to play in the questions over financial regulation that we will be highlighting at the Commonwealth Business Forum in April. We are very proud to have them as a Strategic Partner."