Maybe you are even looking at buying Bitcoin for that very reason. Perhaps all you know about Bitcoin is that celebrities, influencers, and big-time billionaires are absolutely obsessed with it and constantly tweeting about it.

Whatever your reason may be for wanting to know more, we appreciate your need to learn and are glad to be a stepping stone in your journey to superior Bitcoin knowledge. The common occurrence with Bitcoin investors and people with some form of knowledge on Bitcoin is that they seem to think they have learnt all there is to learn, however, that couldn't be further from the truth of it all. There are plenty of ins and outs and complex things to learn, so there is really no such thing as a Bitcoin professional.

Anyway, you're here because you want to learn more, right? Well, one of the first steps to learning more and getting involved with Bitcoin is to check out the Bitcoin Evolution official website. There you will be able to join a group of likeminded people who are all interested in gaining financial security and ridding themselves of financial problems.

It is essentially a big family of everyday people like you and me who are looking to make a fortune in the world of Bitcoin, and they are managing to do just that. They make trading cryptocurrencies easier than ever before so that even the most clueless of people can learn and make money from this amazing digital currency. Now, onto more education.

Here are three things that you absolutely have to know about Bitcoin before you go any further!

  1. Bitcoin is not the same in every place

Bitcoin is not usually regulated by governments which is one of the main reasons why it is so incredibly popular. However, some places will readily accept Bitcoin as a legal currency whereas others will refuse to treat it as such. For example, places like Australia and Japan actually treat Bitcoin as an official form of currency whereas other places have actually put out statements saying that they completely discourage the use of Bitcoin.

  1. The first Bitcoin purchase was not what you think

With Bitcoin being endorsed by billionaires and celebs alike, many people consider it a far more high-end currency. However, what most people don't know is that the first-ever purchase made using Bitcoin was for two pizzas. Now, it may not have been the first official purchase ever with it being mostly used for black market purchases, but it was for sure the first legal purchase using Bitcoin.

  1. It is not actually anonymous

Many people think that Bitcoin is entirely anonymous, but that isn't actually the case. I don't understand much of it as it is mainly left up to hackers and other types of technology geeks, but the only 100% anonymous cryptocurrency is Monero. So, there you have it, Bitcoin isn't actually anonymous.