The Economic Development Board [EDB] Mauritius is inviting UK Business Leaders, High-Net-Worth Individuals and Property Investors to come and learn about its ‘land of opportunities’ via a dedicated Business and Investment Forum to be held in London this March.

Taking place at the Conrad London St James Hotel, Westminster, on Thursday 31st March 2023, the EDB Mauritius Business and Investment Forum is free to attend and will enable up to 150 attendees to gain valuable insight into the exciting growth and development opportunities on the Island.

Commencing at 10am to 12 pm, the Forum will open with a presentation delivered by members of EDB Mauritius, together with an insightful panel discussion and a Q&A to finish.

Not only will UK business leaders and investors gain first hand insight into how the Island has maintained a strong economy in recent years [despite the challenges presented by COVID-19], but will also understand the benefits of investing in, doing business on or relocating to the Island, with key themes including:

·        The advantages and benefits of investing in real estate in Mauritius

·        The legal, tax and administrative framework of real estate in Mauritius

·        The security and legal protection of owning property in Mauritius

·        Financing and asset protection

·        The living environment in Mauritius: lifestyle, leisure, health, business

·        Advice, assistance, and support for a successful property acquisition in Mauritius

Sachin Mohabeer, Ag. Deputy Chief Executive Officer of EBD Mauritius confirmed: “Although a small Island, Mauritius certainly punches above its weight for economic growth and development. This is proven by the fact our economy grew by an impressive 7.2% during 2022 and, with future-ready infrastructure, global connectivity, and a focus on key markets like manufacturing, tech, finance, and property, we are in no doubt this will continue during 2023 and beyond.

With the option to incorporate a new company within a few hours with no minimum capital requirement, together with the added benefit of zero capital gains, dividend, interest withholding or share transfer tax, Mauritius is fast becoming an attractive location for new business and investment. 

Therefore, by hosting a dedicated Forum in London, we not only plan to educate UK business leaders and investors on the opportunities available for personal and professional growth within Mauritius, but to also transform opinion of the Island as just a tourist destination.”

Fast becoming a high-income economy, Mauritius has attracted some 70 billion Mauritian Rupees in Foreign Direct Investment since 2019.

To find out more about the EDB Mauritius Business and Investment Forum and the island’s attractive business, investment, and visa policies, please register your interest here