With the rise of technology and the increasing need for more efficient and effective supply chain processes, many businesses are turning to digital solutions to manage their road shipping operations. This includes the use of electronic consignment notes, real-time tracking systems, and automated processes such as invoicing and settlement of claims. 

Digital solutions are helping to streamline road shipping operations, improve transparency and accuracy, and provide valuable insights into supply chain performance. Many expect the trend toward digitalization in road shipping to continue as technology advances and the demand for more efficient supply chain processes grows.

Onward and upward With CMR

The digitalization of supply chain processes in Europe is revolutionizing the way we transport and track goods. This is particularly relevant to CMR (Convention relative au contrat de transport international de marchandises par route) as it helps to streamline the process of transporting goods. The convention also simplifies the documentation required. 

Here are some ways in which CMR is changing the landscape:

  • Electronic CMR consignment notes: Digital versions of the traditional paper-based CMR transport documents provide greater efficiency and accuracy in the tracking of shipments.
  • Real-time tracking: GPS tracking and telematics systems allow for real-time monitoring of shipments, providing greater visibility and transparency to all parties involved.
  • Automated processes: Digitization of the supply chain permits the automation of many manual processes, such as invoicing and settlement of claims.
  • Data analysis: The collection and analysis of data from digital systems can provide valuable insights into supply chain performance and help to identify areas for improvement.

The future is here - and it's great
While current events such as Brexit have put a dent in shipping processes, not everything looks bleak. Thanks to CMR transport documents, all parties involved enjoy a smoother and quicker transportation of goods.