In his recent visit, Trump announced that the PM's "Chequers deal" puts a UK-US trade deal at risk. Amidst the uncertainty caused by this, the UK government has announced visa free travel for European business leaders. While the full details are yet to be divulged, business leaders will be able to make short trips to the UK for meetings without visas and undertake some limited paid work.

Following this announcement, the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association - the leading not-for-profit EIS/SEIS trade body that supports SMEs and private investors across the alternative finance arena - welcomes the government's action. Director General, Mark Brownridge stated:
The EISA has repeatedly heard from investors and business leaders alike their concerns about the closing of Britain's doors post-Brexit. Today's move shows that the Government is listening to the business community and ensuring that the best and brightest from abroad are able to come and work in the UK without undergoing undue hassle.
Roughly 43% of UK exports in goods and services went to other countries in the EU in 2016-£240 billion out of £550 billion total exports. Equally, 54% of our imports into the UK came from other countries in the EU in 2016.
Mark Brownridge continued: Enabling the smoothest possible relationship with the EU, especially around freedom of movement, is therefore vital and should constitute one of the Government's most immediate priorities. Any policy that prevents moving across the globe for work would be detrimental for UK small businesses. At the same time the results serve as a call to action to the Government to ensure that the future of the EU's UK-based workforce is preserved.