Collaborative Post

For so many of us, working from home is the dream.. So, when you finally get the go ahead to work from home, before you fire up that laptop, build your social media following and invest in a good website -  to discover more about business platforms, check out Laravel development agency in the UK -  you need to make sure you have a good working space in order.

Why? Well, try working on the sofa in front of the TV and you'll see what I mean...

Productivity = 0.

Not only that, but if you have children at home, or other distractions, it can quickly turn your dream of working from home into a productivity nightmare. So, what do you need to consider when you set up a home office or workspace?

Read on for some super simple steps.

Embrace natural light

There's nothing that will stem your flow of productivity quicker than working in a dark, gloomy space with little or no natural light. Natural light is good for us both physically and mentally, so you need to ensure that your work space has a window available to you. Try to set your desk up as close to the window as possible, not only will you feel happier and not as "trapped", but it'll be somewhere to look at when you take a break from your work for ten minutes or so.


Natural light is of course the best kind of light. But when it's dark you'll need back up. So, make sure you have plenty of lamps available to you. Overhead lighting will make your workspace feel miserable and unwelcoming so stick to standing and table lamps to give it a more homely feel with a cosy glow.


Filing cabinets aren't exactly the most attractive storage solution out there, and the last thing you want is to imitate the office you've just escaped from. Working from home means, paper, documents, stationary, post it notes and everything else in between. So make sure you have plenty of magazine racks, open shelving, a stylish set of drawers to keep your box files in. Try to choose storage that will work with the space you've been given.

Get comfy

Sure, you're going to be working hard, but every once in a while you'll need to take a break. The best home offices have somewhere comfy to sit and unwind, whether that's to sip at a well earned cup of coffee or to take a break and read a book. Try adding a small sofa to the space, or just a cosy armchair. Use pretty throws and beautiful scatter cushions to add a touch of your personality into the room and your new office will quickly become your favourite place in the house!