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But it can be tricky keeping track of the latest legislation that emerges in light of huge geopolitical events like Brexit, the continual emergence of new technologies and sector-specific issues that arise from time to time.

Browsing specialist blogs is a time saving way of keeping on top of what's important for your business - you can join mailing lists to ensure that you don't miss the latest developments.

So here are five online legal resources every businessperson should keep an eye on.

1.    The Law Society Gazette

The Law Society is the independent professional body for solicitors in England and Wales.

As you might expect, the Gazette section of their website contains high-quality articles on everything from employment tribunals to blockchain technology and complaints about barristers.

The latest articles are listed in chronological order by publishing date - but there's also a convenient weekly ‘News in 60 Seconds' post which condenses the most pressing issues into digestible highlights.

2.    UK Criminal Law Blog

In simple terms, the UK Criminal Law Blog does what it says on the tin - keeping readers informed of high-profile criminal judgements, ongoing cases and interesting legal precedents.

But if your business is ever unfortunate enough to fall foul of white-collar crime like fraud or insider trading, it's simple to find relevant articles using the search facility.

The blog also provides excellent factsheets on different criminal courts, jury duty, common offences, criminal procedure and sentencing.

3.    Switalskis Solicitors

Yorkshire-based Switalskis Solicitors has considerable experience in diverse cases of national significance which have affected communities, families and individuals.

So their blog's always worth a read if you like working lawyers' viewpoints on subjects like family law, medical negligence, human rights, conveyancing and making a will.

Each of their experienced lawyers has a specialist niche - so reading their thoughts on a range of subjects is enlightening.

4.    TUC

The TUC is the umbrella body that oversees the activities of 48 member unions and 5.5 million members.

And although its blog isn't exclusively concerned with legal matters, it often features articles about the ways in which laws on employment, utilities, equality and pensions affect workers across Britain.

If you're a union member or employer seeking advice on behalf of an employee, it's worth a regular browse - and if your enterprise has an international reach, the blog sometimes features articles about legal matters in different geographic territories.

5.    Migrants Rights Network

If you work as an immigration consultant, are a contractor for the Home Office or an employer that hires staff from within and outside the EU, you'll definitely want to keep your finger on the pulse of UK immigration law - it's complex and has been in a constant state of flux for the past few years.

Migrants Rights Network is a UK-based NGO that brings together academics, lawyers and public-sector representatives that monitor UK migration law.

The organisation shares information and expertise with migrant communities, keeps members informed with legal news and analysis and lobbies government on behalf of stakeholders.

And its blog contains the latest news on issues like Tier Two employment laws, visa application processes and and work restrictions imposed on certain types of entry clearance - invaluable information for employers and employees alike.

So there are five online legal resources every businessperson should keep an eye on - forewarned is forearmed in all aspects of business law.