Owning and running a business brings with it a number of different perks, such as the ability to control your own hours and time off, the chance to work from home whenever you feel like it, and not having to take orders from anyone in a more senior position. However, business ownership doesn't come without its downfalls. Many business owners find themselves busy a large percentage of the time, working well into the evenings and even on the weekend. If this sounds like you, taking some time to relax is advisable. Working too hard can lead to a number of problems such as chronic stress, anxiety, and physical problems such as headaches and joint and muscle pain. All of these can add up, taking a toll on your life and compromising your ability to run your business successfully.

Take Some Time Off

Taking some time off doesn't always have to mean spending a fortnight in the Bahamas, although it wouldn't go amiss if you can afford to take a trip. With many business owners finding themselves working 24/7, it's important that you designate yourself a day off here and there to take a break from the day to day routine of being an entrepreneur. Spend your day off how you like - whether you choose to go on a family day out or sit in bed binge-watching your favourite show on Netflix, it's all about making sure that you wind down so that you can return to work refreshed.

Family Time

Whilst you're at work, your family is missing you. Although your family will most likely appreciate the hard work that you put in and be very proud of you, it's important to make sure that you set aside some time to spend with them every once in a while. This is especially important if you have children - spending time with your kids can also be a great tonic and help you to feel ready to take on the world when you go back to work. Go for a road trip together, spend a day at the park, or have a movie night - without the mention of work.

Play Games

Playing games can be great to help you wind down and relax, and it's also something that you can do on the go or take just half an hour out of your busy schedule to do. With so many different game apps that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet, it's easier than ever before to have a short break at the office and play one of your favourite games or puzzles to help you unwind. Playing online bingo can also be quite relaxing - and if you're lucky you might even hit the jackpot!


Believe it or not, exercise can actually help you to unwind. When we exercise, ‘feel-good' hormones are released, helping to relieve stress and tension. Even going for a thirty-minute walk or jog each day can help you to feel more relaxed, refreshed and also improve your sleep.

What are your favourite ways to relax? Let us know in the comments.