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The world cup is a special time where people of all nationalities, living in the UK, come to together to celebrate the beautiful game.

Recently, Russia announced that the tournament is going to add up to $31 billion to their economy due to television rights, tourism and the hiring of 22,000 new jobs.

But the love of football can also generate a lot of business for companies in the UK too, explains bookmaker Dickie Bet.

With the tournament taking place from June 14th to July 15th, it coincides perfectly with the British Summertime and with games taking place between 11am and 8pm, restaurants, bars and pubs are going to see increased footfall.

Football fans, aficionados and well-wishers will be frequenting pubs and restaurants that showcase the games and having customers for a solid two hours is a great opportunity to profit from increased food and bar sales. The timing of matches is very fortunate, compared to the South Korea or Brazil world cup where the timings did not suit the European time zone.

Watching football can get the juices flowing and make you want to emulate the skills of Messi and Ronaldo. Football centres such as Goal and Powerleague should see a busy month with increased participation, themed-tournaments and again, a surge in bar sales from those watching matches in their bar section.

Sales for football tops, shoes and gear tend to skyrocket during the world cup season. With new strips unveiled in time for the big tournament, there are retro kits from Nigeria and classic Brazil kits from Nike to suit every taste.

Not only will football specialists like Nike, Sports Direct and Lovell see more traction, but any clothes retailer can make the most of the world cup bonanza. Even the likes of Sainsbury and Marks and Spencer can jump on the bandwagon, selling basic England t-shirts, socks and merchandise and it is an opportunity to offer special deals and discounts for the world cup.

Retailers and entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to make use of increased footfall and capitalise on a very busy period. So whilst Russia might enjoy a boost in economy, business owners should look at ways to leverage the world cup to increase their bottom line.