Until recently I was exclusively a racket bag man with the essential extended section to keep the rain off my squash, tennis or badminton weapons. However, a recent long distance charity cycle ride and the training that made survival of it possible, changed all that. I now have enough cycle equipment to mount a mini Tour de France, which incidentally four of us recently did. OK slight exaggeration but Paris to London in a straightish line is a tour and it was France for sure.

If you are lucky enough to have a support vehicle on such a trip and especially if you are the driver of the support vehicle, a lot of organisation is called for to carry the essentials and possible emergency kit. There are spares to consider, drinks and energy foods, track suits and warm clothing, super smooth cycling kit and on our recent trip, passports, maps phones  and phrase books in the absence of decent French speakers. How you regret not paying attention at school when lost in a French Forest near Versailles.

The three 25 litre Kitbrix bags I have are dedicated cycling bags in my world, that zip together in any combination and can be used as a backpack also. Think more sporting venue here rather than Inca trail.  However, my daughter has a short charity run to do this morning and my Kitbrix stash is immediately down to two, so guard your bag carefully, they are very easy on the eye.

A military mind was behind the design of the Kitbrix product line and the word fragile and military, tend not to be seen together in many sentences. The highly versatile bags are hard wearing, designed in heavy duty double - lined tarpaulin, with 2 water resistant pouches and internal pockets for phones and valuables and a hard wearing bottom with protected edges. The shoulder straps are in matching colours, adding to the overall, very pleasing distinctive appearance of the product.

For a triathlon my three bags would be perfect for the kit needed and it has crossed my mind to tick a mini one off my bucket list but Kitbrix bags work in any sporting environment. They also have one that would carry the emergency medical supplies you might need to have on standby, whatever sport you are pursuing

Kitbrix bags are going down a storm internationally, especially in the US and I can totally understand why.

Chris Westcott