New Forest Activities has launched a workshop to help companies reconnect staff who have been cut off from each other by months of lockdown working or furlough, in the beautiful New Forest

The “Back to Business” sessions, organised by Hampshire based New Forest Activities, has been created for companies regrouping, reconnecting and refocusing, after months of working remotely after lockdown.

They are held in private woodland in the New Forest, and blend business strategy with teambuilding activities such as kayaking on the Beaulieu River.

Bespoke workshops enable employers to reset their business and team, combining business strategy with confidence-building activities such as canoeing, kayaking, rope swings and bushcraft.

Employers can now offer their staff a team building workshop that’s more white water than whiteboard.

Designed specifically for SMEs with under 50 staff, the bespoke workshops are held in private woodland in the heart of the New Forest National Park. Tailored to each company, they include sessions on business strategy, goal setting and rebuilding trust between team members who may not have met for months.

But they’re more than just a brainstorm with a breath of fresh air thrown in. The centre’s trained coaches are on hand to integrate a host of fun activities into proceedings, including canoeing and kayaking on the idyllic Beaulieu River.

Nestled under a woodland canopy rather than an airless conference room, sessions can also include confidence-building activities on rope swings as well an introduction to bushcraft survival skills.

Whatever activity the group chooses, the aim is the same – to help teams forced apart by lockdown to regroup, refresh and refocus on the business’s priorities.

New Forest Activities’ business coaches use a technique called the ‘Five steps to clarity’, that helps participants identify the mindset they need to succeed, including the what, why, who and how they will do it.

Sam Sutton, director and founder of New Forest Activities, says: “Every strong business has a strong team at its core. Our Back to Business sessions have been designed to do two things at once; they help teams bond and build, and help businesses identify what success should look like, and how to get there.

“Businesses across Britain have been left shell-shocked by the pandemic and the stress of adapting to the ‘new normal’. No-one should underestimate how hard it is for business leaders to recalibrate their company goals, or for staff to readjust after months spent working apart or on furlough.

“That’s why we created ‘Back to Business’ – bespoke sessions in our pristine woodland where teams can get away from their business to focus on what really matters for the business as a whole. By giving people the headspace to think clearly – and the chance to have great fun while doing it – our aim is to send them back to work more focused, more productive and more motivated.”

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