But poker is not only synonymous with big business... for some it can BE big business. Thanks to the boom of poker popularity in mass media over recent years, many avid players have quickly realized that their profitable weekend hobby could have the potential to not only pay their rent but also leave them with the ability to someday quit their 9 to 5. In order to get real, lasting return on your poker investment... experts say these 4 key tips are the secret to staying on top of your game for a long, profitable and structured career.

Know When to Fold

You have already heard this piece of advice but it cannot be stressed enough. Playing every hand is much like buying every stock and hoping one will stick. It is far better to choose your hands with strategy than to play loosely and passively.

Choosing the right platform

Evaluating good casinos vs bad casinos has become a crucial component in choosing the right casino platform. Online poker and other such games have become one of the largest money making industries the world over. Many professionals have even backed many of the leading sites. With so many casinos to choose from, however, it can be hard to know who to trust aside from the big guys. You never want to risk providing your information to just anybody. Not only does this spell trouble for your information but also your winnings. Credible sites often offer promotions, have a track record for excellence and reviews to back up their claims. The more users a site has the better chance you stand to win larger sums of money.

Know Thy Self

Sun Tzu had it right when he warned about the importance of knowing yourself. Equally as important as knowing how to read others, pick up on your own cues and habits. Do you have a tendency to go on a tilt when you get nervous? Do you play too many hands? Are you too aggressive or not aggressive enough? The best player will mold themselves until they begin to play aggressively but tightly.

Do Not Be Moved By What Others Think

It is not unusual for great players to span several casino trips or tournaments before they win big. Some may even sit down for days only to play 5 or less hands. This is where trash talk can kill your game. Stick to your guns and play to win... even when that means sitting on the sidelines.

Play the Odds and Learn to Bet With Limited Information

The odds are not always in your favor. Learning more about odds per hand takes time and practice but it is a pivotal ingredient to bigger winnings. For instance, if you had pocket aces and another player had King/Ten, you would have only an 11% chance of losing. Just like business, this limited information is your friend and it helps you make an educated but not fool proof investment.

Poker has quickly become an industry where players are giving up their hobby and putting on their career hat. With perseverance and wise investment on every single hand - you can turn your poker game into much more than that. When your livelihood just so happens to make going to work every morning this fun... you will never want to hit the snooze button again.