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In days of old, you're options for gambling were limited to your local arcade, the bingo hall, the bookies or Las Vegas - with each of these options requiring the special effort of getting up off your sofa. With the remote gambling revolution, the casinos have come to you, offering people worldwide the chance to gamble in their preferred way from their smartphones, tablets or laptops.
The growth of the online gambling sector in particular has helped digital casinos become huge, rivalling the biggest of offline resorts. In order to grow their businesses, casinos need to find a steady stream of new players ready to sign up, deposit and play. One of the most powerful forces in driving this growth for the industry has been affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allows casinos, with no risk, to effectively employ legions of marketers on a pay-per-results basis, which has been hugely impactful for the casinos, and for the affiliated individuals and companies concerned such as Mobilecasinohub.com So what exactly is a casino affiliate? It all starts with an examination of how affiliate marketing works in practice. 

How Affiliate Marketing Works
The concept behind affiliate marketing is simple - yet its impact on the casino sector, as with many others, has been unimaginable. Casinos establish an affiliate marketing structure, inviting applications from willing business partners who are prepared to promote the casino to new players and a prime example of this is the Party Online Casino Affiliate Platform. The affiliate is responsible for handling all marketing expenses, and is essentially acting in the role of a sales agent for the casino. In turn, they are paid by the casino for every new lead they refer, which is usually triggered when a new player opens an account and makes that all important first deposit.
This works from startups all the way to the most established online casinos, because there is no upfront risk. They get to set a chosen cost per customer, and effectively outsource one of their biggest cost centres in the process. Marketing through affiliates is cheaper and less risky for casinos than traditional marketing spend, because they are guaranteed a set number of players in return for their spend.
Let's break it down into an example. If a casino has a marketing budget of, e.g. £10,000, and is looking to find 100 new players, they have two options. They can try and spend that budget in the most effective way, in the hope of attracting the number of players they need to generate an ROI. Or alternatively, they can pay £100 per referral to an affiliate, in exchange for each newly signed up and deposited account, and absolutely guarantee their ROI.
For casinos, affiliate marketing allows them to set a fixed cost of acquisition. In practice, many casinos choose to pay on a revenue share basis, in addition to or instead of a set CPA, or cost per action - the one time £100 payment in the example above.
On the flip side, affiliate marketing provides marketers with a low cost, low barrier to entry business model, which can prove hugely lucrative. Continuing the example from above, it only takes 27 referrals a day to make £1 million a year in commission - and in reality, most casinos offer CPAs of more than £100, or revenue share deals which blow this figure out the water.
So, in answer to our central question, a casino affiliate is the individual or company who works with casino brands by referring new customers. How do they do it? Invariably through a combination of online marketing techniques, designed to draw in relevant traffic and convert them into customers for the casinos they represent.
Making Money As An Affiliate
Making money as an affiliate isn't guaranteed to be easy, but it is guaranteed to be a low-cost, low-barrier business model that virtually anyone can undertake. There's no risk on your part, other than the time and investment you spend on marketing. You don't have to buy stock or take out a bank loan to get started - in fact, many affiliates started in their spare time, and have built up significant holdings over the course of a few years.
Affiliate marketing is in some respects more akin to an investment than a traditional trading business, and it's this element that appeals to so many aspiring affiliates. The idea that you are building a website for organic traffic from search engines, or driving traffic from social media to a site that continues to grow month on month, makes the whole concept of affiliate marketing a mere numbers game. More visitors means more conversions, means more money - without the hassle of dealing with customers, suppliers, or any of the usual stuff that goes with running a business.
Casino affiliates can and do make good money from referring new players to their partnered casino brands. At the same time, casinos leverage this army of marketers to drive growth in their customer numbers. There can be no doubt that the now booming affiliate marketing industry has had a major role to play in shaping the casino sector and it's only becoming more popular amongst marketers with each passing year. 

So what are you waiting for? With a bit of perseverance, and a willingness to learn the time-tested techniques of the trade, you could join the affiliate marketing revolution, and build an affiliate business all of your own, working with online casinos to encourage more players to find the best operators available in the gambling sector.