Listed below are some examples of companies that offer amazing customer support that you can learn from. The tips you will learn from them along with a customer service software like Kayako will certainly help you end up on top.

Amazon's Quick Refund

Amazon prime is the service that people go for if they want premium Amazon service. You can try this service for a trial period that would be completely free of charge, but unless you opt out before the trial period ends you will be charged for a subscription the day after it ends. This did not bode well for one double minded customer who ended up realizing he wanted to opt out the day right after the trial ended. However, when he contacted Amazon and explained the situation to them, he found that they were more than willing to refund the amount. The best thing is that they did not make him go through any red tape or ask any unnecessary questions whatsoever, instead they were exceedingly accommodating and did not make a fuss at all. This is an important aspect of customer service that you really should learn from.

The Legendary Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton is known for being a luxury establishment but this does not automatically mean that they are going to offer good customer support. Indeed, a lot of the time these establishments tend to be very stuck up indeed, and often gaslight customers and refuse to give them the support that they might need in order to have the best experience possible. The Ritz-Carlton, on the other hand, puts an enormous amount of effort into the level of customer service they offer pretty much all of their customers. One example of their customer service can be seen in the fact that they give every employee a discretionary fund of $2000 that they can use according to their own judgment in order to make the experience of their customers the best that they can be. The employees use this fund liberally, and often surprise customers with an amazing time that they are always willing to provide. This, once again, is a great example that you should certainly follow.

Wistia's Personal Touches

Wistia is a company that uses a lot of videos and the like in their promotional materials. However, marketing is not the only situation where they use these videos. They also make cute personalized videos for customers to congratulate them or cheer them up. This is an important part of customer support that a lot of people tend to skimp out on, mostly because of the fact that it requires a lot of extra effort. However, if you put this much effort in you are definitely going to end up with much happier customers than you would have had otherwise.

Glossier Taking Opinions Seriously

Glossier is a make up company, but it also focuses a lot on things like skincare which really makes it a wholesome entity in a lot of ways. It also really listens to its customers, taking them a lot more seriously than a lot of companies do. This has even modified their products to an extent and has made them a lot more accessible as a corporate entity. You should take a leaf out of Glossier's book and listen to what customers have to say, it can help you make a much better product that sells very well.