So far this year we've re-lived Elton John's life, seen a flying plug run across stage and witnessed Santa visit McDonalds for some reindeer carrots.

These advertisements have become integral to Christmas campaigns and marketing - with more money being involved every year and the advert being more about an emotional connection rather than the brand itself, we've seen a huge shift in the way Christmas marketing works.

Managing director of VerriBerri PR and marketing, Sarah Kauter, discusses her top tips on ensuring your business smashes its Christmas marketing campaign.

Have a message

Gathering ideas around a campaign is where it always begins for many companies, but what the vast majority forget is the message. What message are you trying to get across to your audience? This is where the emotional connection comes. Adverts like John Lewis' are always hits because of how they make the audience feel. Usually hard hitting, their campaigns focus on problems or situations that many of us can associate with. Have a think about what matters to your audience and develop a powerful message that you want to spread and stick with it.

Utilise all platforms

With social media being the quickest way to spread any form of information, ensure you utilise it. Christmas commercials are first seen on tv, usually during a popular programme where viewing figures are at their highest. However, brands don't stop there. Posting videos across YouTube, Twitter and Facebook help spread the message, increasing its viewing numbers. As many already know, digital is the future for creating content and whilst print is still helpful, it's best to plan your campaign around online platforms.

Don't be afraid to research

The vast majority of campaigns take inspiration from others and it's important to know there's nothing wrong with this. Rarely do you find a campaign that hasn't been based on another brand or used elements from previous commercials. When you're sitting down with your team members and brainstorming ideas, looking at what has worked for other brands will help you narrow down the angle you wish to pursue.

Sometimes simple is better

For many businesses, budget may not be an issue but if you're looking to create a powerful campaign without the use of a six-figure budget you shouldn't worry. Often or not, the simplest campaigns can produce the most moving and powerful messages. Whether it's a 10 second clip or over a minute, this shouldn't stop you from delivering the best campaign you can do. As previously mentioned, the most successful campaigns are those that attract an audience, leaving you knowing exactly what the campaign is about. Whether it's words or images - keeping a message simple and clear can outweigh any form of budgeting. 


It goes without saying that targeting the right consumers for your product or campaign is critical if it is to be a success. Whether you're promoting a new fragrance, or looking to attract a larger audience as part of a PR stunt; researching your market and knowing the gender, age and locations you're targeting should be a priority. Designing flyers and running promotional videos should be tailored to your audience too. For example, a new perfume for young female teenagers would benefit from a pink dominated campaign, as the colour is often associated with this demographic.

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