Creative Fix are audio marketing experts, providers of audience specific creative audio advertising for some of the biggest brands on the planet

What is the backstory to Creative Fix, where did the experience come from?

I started my radio career at the age of 17, working initially for local radio stations in Portsmouth and Southampton, including Capital FM, eventually producing various radio programmes, including the flagship breakfast shows for around seven or eight years. Eventually I decided to go freelance, working amongst others with Radio 1, Kiss FM and Magic, writing show scripts and creating audio ads. Around this time, I was approached by national commercial Radio 1 to produce the national chart show, working closely with the sales team for around four years. This was around the time Spotify was starting to fly, the fledgling digital markets were also taking off and I had the right experience to capitalise on a booming sector crying out for creative audio advertising.

When you started Creative Fix what was the overall strategy?

I had the feeling that, although new digital content channels were coming through and diversifying, with Spotify gaining huge traction and podcasts becoming extremely popular, the ads and voiceovers being used were not showing the same level of diversification. The same voices were being used time and time again, in a very traditional and safe presentation style. The aim was to update audio advertising in general with creative ideas involving people that were vocally new to the industry and voiceovers; not using the same older male and female voices and delivery that had been the staple of audio advertising for years. The strategy was really to ditch traditional audio marketing and do things differently, to match the content innovation and variety that digital media can offer any client.

Who are Creative Fix's clients, and how do you work with them?

Typically, they could be referred from an agency like acast, who come to Creative Fix with a brief on behalf of their clients and we then create an audio campaign that fits in with their aims and where they wish the ad to feature. We create the ad and content, but we don't place them for the client's agency. Global names that we have worked with include Spotify, Penguin, Bose, Microsoft, Google, Reuters, American Express and many others. UK blue chips we have worked with are the Royal Navy, the Royal Shakespeare Company, NatWest bank and Vodafone.

How do these heavyweight brands make the most of your company's talents?

We like to work with brands that trust us to push the barriers.
Let me give you a good example of a company known for the quality of their sound reproduction, using Creative Fix.

A recent campaign involved Bose, their product being high quality headphones, which came to us through our relationship with acast agency. The agency actually picked up a Media Week award for a successful campaign, which Creative Fix were very involved with, called Bose Recommends. The idea being that Bose would recommend podcasts to listen to with a click of the podcast and we would wrap the audio ads around the podcast, talking about the product with a call to action. Within a 20 minute podcast there are three audio ads placed, known as pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll. For Bose we had two generic ads in the first
two positions with the third post-roll being a one and a half minute promotion, where every week they would recommend a different podcast, which proved to be very successful as the
Media Week award for the campaign testified.

What does the future hold for Creative Fix?

Getting the word out there, gaining more direct business and further expansion internationally. We are already working with the US offices of acast, which will assist Creative Fix in gaining access to the huge US podcast market. We are also working with acast's Australian agency which gives us a good foothold in that part of the world also.

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