Content has always been part and parcel of what makes a brand stand out from the crowd. Yet, Covid-19 has changed the landscape of how we reach consumers; putting the focus on communication, connectivity and digital content.

While businesses were certainly on the path to creating an omnichannel approach that marries the offline and online world - the current climate has accelerated these digital transformations. As many businesses lost routes to market, almost overnight, the digital space is providing new, ramped up and reassuring opportunities for brands.

Going online has not only enabled many businesses to continue operating, it's also ensuring we stay relevant too. We're using online to harness our
brand's ability to:

●          Increase our online presence

●          Create two-way conversations

●          Strengthen relationships

●          Build a community

Let's take a look at just three of the ways online content is producing a powerful presence and providing a positive platform for brands to engage with consumers.

1.You can tell your story

Your brand is unique. Sure, you may be in accounting, legal, HR, technology or education - but no other business is quite like you. They don't have the same experiences, passions, expertise and team spirit. We're all unique in some way.

And creative and meaningful storytelling starts with what makes you unique. Why does your business do what it does? What's important to you? How are you helping people? Why do your customers choose you?

Talking about your brand does not have to feel arrogant, embarrassing or false. Great storytelling is all about crafting stories that matter and are what your consumers want to hear.

2. You can use language that truly reflects you

The words you use to convey your individualism don't have to read the same as other brands either. In recent years, we've seen how personalisation in marketing and product development is gaining traction. And one of the reasons is because your customers want to feel as if you're talking directly to them - in an honest, clear and genuine way.

It's about reflecting the helpful and supportive conversations you have with consumers offline, online. And there is a knack to it. To really connect with consumers, create a style, tone and voice that truly reflects your brand, your team, your customers and your goals.

3. You have more opportunities to be transparent

Today, when we're looking for brands to engage with and buy from, we're asking so much more than: "Does this brand solve my problem?", "What's the price?" and "When can you get it to me?"

In the age of conscious consumerism, we're increasingly looking for brands with actions, initiatives and priorities that align with our values and needs.

Brands that have authentic conversations, provide warm customer service support and truly want to make a difference in our lives are the ones that we resonate with the most.

The impact of online content

Using the digital space to tell your unique brand story enables you to reach a wider audience and convey your unique selling points (USPs) in ways that genuinely reflect your brand. And, most importantly, what your target consumers are searching for.

Every website page, blog, case study, ebook, press release and whitepaper is an opportunity for you to build a captive audience and loyal community that loves what makes you stand out.

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