Innovative active air purification technology manufactured by RGF® Environmental Group, Inc, has become the only commercial product validated by third-party testing to confirm actual airborne inactivation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus by 99.96%.

Distributed and installed in the UK via leading HVAC specialists, Better Indoors, the RGF active air purification technology was put to the test via an independent study that assessed viral reductions of the SARS-CoV-2 virus occurring within the actual air within a large chamber (1,280 cu.ft.) representing an air-conditioned office or room.

The first study of its kind to test the air as opposed to the presence of SARS-CoV-2 on surfaces, researchers analysed the efficacy of neutralizing the airborne virus and found that RGF's active air purification technology is currently the only third-party tested indoor air quality solution that is proven to be 99.96% effective.

Andrew Hobbs, Managing Director of Better Indoors, the sole UK distributor of RGF, explained: "The RGF air purification technology is phenomenal. It essentially vaccinates the air, offering the most proactive approach to indoor COVID transmission control, whilst providing businesses and other organisations with an extra layer of protection beyond the capabilities of current COVID mitigation measures.

RGF's latest study is truly groundbreaking and reinforces the capability of its technology in completely eradicating COVID-19 from any indoor environment. No IAQ manufacturer or technology anywhere in the world has these credentials and we strongly urge members of the academic, scientific and business communities including CIBSE and SAGE to engage with us to learn about it and understand how it is helping firms create safer indoor environments and future proof their buildings in preparation for the emergence from lockdown."

RGF's active air purification technology uses no chemicals or harmful substances and works by producing and maintaining similar concentrations of hydrogen peroxide molecules, as those found in the outdoor air.

When coming into contact with microbials, the naturally occurring molecules break them down, destroy them and then revert the back to harmless water vapour and oxygen. The air purification technology produces 1 quadrillion of these molecules every second, quickly killing any airborne virus or bacteria, including COVID-19.

Over the last 10 months Better Indoors have installed the RGF active air purification technology within domestic, commercial and industrial buildings across the UK, including all UK offices of renowned insurance market, Lloyds of London.

"RGF's PHI-PKG14 PHI-CELL® is currently the only third-party tested indoor air quality solution that is proven 99.96% effective against the actual airborne SARS-CoV-2 virus," said Ron Fink, CEO, RGF® Environmental Group, Inc. "The rigorous research, development and testing of the PHI-PKG14 PHI-CEL® is another example of RGF's commitment to providing the world with the cleanest, safest air."

Headquartered in Surrey, Better Indoors boasts extensive experience in the HVAC and air purification industries. The sole UK distributor of RGF Environmental Group, the firm is focused on raising awareness of the valuable role air purification technology can play in instantly destroying harmful bacteria and viruses, like COVID-19.

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