Fellowes make the world's toughest shredders - including the AutoMaxTM line of shredders with built-in options for both auto feed and manual feed operation.

AutoMax™ shredders offer a truly walk away shredding experience, automatically shredding stacks of paper at the push of a button. They allow you to shred documents as they are. No pulling out of staples or removal of paper clips. No smoothing out of wrinkled pages and no careful rearrangement of sheets to ensure straight edges. Simply load the tray, press the start button and leave the shredder to do its job whilst you continue with more important tasks. Automatic shredding is especially useful for organisations who generate a lot of paper on a regular basis.

By putting the shredder into manual feed mode the user is given the flexibility to shred smaller batches of paper or individual sheets as and when needed. And with an excellent range of deskside models to choose from, there's even the convenience of being able to situate the shredder within easy reach.

With new data protection regulations such as GDPR coming into effect in 2018, all businesses are responsible for securely destroying confidential paper data that they no longer need. And nothing does this better than a shredder that features the Fellowes name.

The new AutoMaxTM 100M mini-cut shredder by Fellowes offers first-line defence for small businesses looking to effectively destroy paper documents on-site in the most convenient way.

The AutoMaxTM 100M  is a hybrid shredder that can be used for either automatic or manual shredding and is ideal for deskside use. It has a 100-sheet auto feed capacity and a 10-sheet manual feed capacity (based on 70gsm paper). The mini-cut feature means that each sheet is shredded into over 1500 particles, offering a security level of P4, which is four times more secure than a standard cross-cut shredder.

Johan Hereijgers, European Business Team Manager for Business Machines at Fellowes, explains: "Automated shredding offers people a choice of loading their paper waste, pressing play and getting on with their day. Manual shredding, on the other hand, gives people additional reassurance of watching the paper waste being destroyed in front of their eyes. It comes down to personal preference and the AutoMax 100M provides flexibility to do both."

He adds, "The mini-cut feature of this shredder also makes it virtually impossible for any document to be reassembled. And because the shredded particles are smaller, the bin requires less frequent emptying."  

The Fellowes AutoMaxTM 100M can shred paper, credit cards, staples and paper-clips. It includes innovative features such as SilentShredTM for shared work environments and Auto Reverse for frustration-free shredding without paper jams.

The Fellowes brand is well known across the globe for its intuitive range of business machines, storage products, workspace wellbeing solutions, and air purifiers. They're designed to meet-and exceed-the needs of an ever-changing world. Whether you are in a huge corporate complex or a small home office, Fellowes will help to make you more productive and the very best you can be, every day.

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