Why should we care? -  Well this is why!

Some time ago I had what I thought was a sport related shoulder/neck injury that got progressively worse, to such an extent that I could no longer play tennis anymore and some physio was on the cards. Some would have said I couldn't play before the injury but moving on.

Being from the school " it will get better on its own", I did nothing, partially cost related but eventually my wife booked up a physio session. During the initial questions about lifestyle to discover what might be behind it, she asked me what I did and whether I was left handed or right handed. At that moment the light bulb lit up and I realised what caused it. My job at that time was in a bank trading room using multiple screens, calculator and phones all day in fixed positions. I was left handed, sitting in a position set up for a right-handed person. That's where all the pain came from, constant incorrect repetition of movement. I moved to a left handed position next day, a week later pain free.

Since then I am always up for looking at better ways of doing what might look like insignificant things, as poor repetition of movement, as I learnt the hard way, can have very significant consequences.

Doc Holder Piccy 

The Q Doc 500 I have been using recently, is a very well made acrylic document holder, totally see through, that is designed to reduce those instances where you are typing and referring to a document from your left or right. This allows the user to sit straight on, type that way and also view the document front on, reducing any potential strain and assisting the user to sit correctly while processing documents.

It is positioned between the keyboard and screen in a sloping position, easy to read while typing and because of the design you don't have this huge slab of plastic blocking your view to the coffee machine or life outside the window. For a piece of kit that can reduce eyestrain and neck movement, plus help posture through displaying your document centrally, and, BakkerElkhuizen claim that it increases input speed, its not that expensive, given the depth of research that has gone into the design of it.

Click here for more information about the Q Doc 500 and BakkerElkhuizen's other innovative hardware solutions.

Chris Westcott

Director New Business